PLM Project System (PS), MAN Production Planning (PP)

SAP PP and PS Integration with Material Component


In this blog post you will learn about integration SAP PP PS with material component.

One of process integration between PP and PS is when you release a project structure (include Work Breakdown Structure, network, and material component) and it will be triggered to production planned order creation.

For detail process will be explained in Main section.


If we want to make integration process between SAP PP and PS, we can follow these steps =

Create project structure include project header, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network, and Material Component (Tcode CJ20N)

Create WBS Bill of material (Tcode CS71).

Create Routing (Tcode CA01).In routing header select “material assignment” and input counter routing, material number, plant,and WBS element

Create cost estimate (Tcode CKW1) and Release cost estimate (Tcode CKW4)

Release Project ( Tcode CJ20N) and planned order is created automatically.

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