SAP MM Tables

SAP MM Tables

There is a complete list of SAP MM basic tables.

Material Master Data:

MARA – General Data, material type
MAKT– Short Texts, descriptions
MARM– Conversion Factors
MVKE – Sales Org, distribution channel
MLAN – Sales data, tax indicator, tax
MARC – classification
MBEW – Plant Planning Data
MLGN – Valuation Data
MLGT – Warehouse Management Inventory Data
MVER – Warehouse Management Storage Type
MAPR – Data
MARD – Consumption Data
MCHA – Pointer for Forecast Data
MCHB – Storage location data

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EKPO – Purchasing Document Item
EKKO – Purchasing Document Header
EBAN – Purchase Requisition
EKBE – History per Purchasing Document
EKET – Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
EINE – Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data
EKKN – Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
EINA – Purchasing Info Record: General Data
EKES – Vendor Confirmations
EBKN – Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
EORD – Purchasing Source List
T024 – Purchasing Groups
EKBZ – History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
AMPL – Table of Approved Manufacturer Parts
EKAN – Vendor Address: Purchasing Document

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Inventory Management:

MSEG – Document Segment: Material
MKPF – Header: Material Document
RESB – Reservation/dependent requirements
MARI – Short document: material movement
ISEG – Physical Inventory Document Items
RKPF – Document Header: Reservation
T156 – Movement Type
IKPF – Header: Physical Inventory Document
T156T – Movement Type Text
CHVW – Table CHVW for Batch Where-Used List
T156SY – Mvt Type: Qty/Value Update: System Table; Rel. 4.6A
MMIM_REP_PRINT – Print Settings, Reporting MM-IM
T156S – Movement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B)
T156W – Posting string values
T156M – Posting String: Quantity

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Invoice Control:

RSEG – Document Item: Incoming Invoice
RBKP – Document Header: Invoice Receipt
BSIM – Secondary Index, Documents for Material
RKWA – Consignment Withdrawals
RBCO – Document Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment
RBKP_BLOCKED – Logistics Invoice Verification: Blocked Invoices
RBKP_V – Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_169P_MB – Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
T149D – Global Valuation Types
RBDRSEG – Batch IV: Invoice Document Items
RBTX – Taxes: Incoming Invoice
RBWS – Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice
RBKPB – Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)
RBDIFFKO – Invoice Verification – Conditions
RBEX – Persistent Key Figures Header and Item

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