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SAP Interest Calculation Configuration

Interest refers to two related but very distinct concepts: either the amount a borrower pays the bank for the cost of lending or the amount an account holder receives for the favor of leaving money with the bank. In SAP, we can post interest either payable or receivable automatically using transaction code “F.52”. although, some configration steps are mandatory in order to activate this transaction.

In this blog, I plan on following the process to activate the balance interest calculation. In fact, this process takes nine steps:

  • Create G/L accounts : FS00;
  • Create a calculation type :OB46;
  • Prepare Account Balance Interest Calculation:OBAA;
  • Define reference interest rates : OBAC;
  • Define time based terms : OB81;
  • Enter interest values: OB83;
  • Prepare G/L account balances interest calculation procedure: OBV2;
  • Assign interest indicator to G/L account : FS00;
  • Post a G/L document : F-02

1 – Create G/L accounts 

First of all, we’ve created two G/L accounts, one for the bank loan (in my example G/L account number 162100) and the other for the interest paid (in my example G/L account number 455501) using transaction FS00.

2 – Create calculation type

Next, we’ve created an calculation type using transaction OB46

3 – Prepare Account Balance Interest Calculation

After that, we’ve prepared a general conditions for interest scale using TCOD OBAA.

4 – Define reference interest rates

Here we’ve defined reference for interest rate using TCOD OBAC

5 – Define time based terms

In this step, we’ve defined time-dependent interest terms using TCOD OB81

6 – Enter interest values

Next, We’ve used transaction OB83 to define validation date and interest rate.

7 – Prepare G/L account balances interest calculation procedure

We’ve prepared account determination using transaction OBV2.

8 – Assign interest indicator to G/L account

In transaction FS00 we’ve assigned interest indicator to our G/L account.

9 – Post a G/L document

Finally, We post our bank loan using transaction F-02

10 – Result of the above settings

Now, once all the steps have been set, we can use transaction F.52 in order to calculate and post the balance interest.

So, In the selection screen of transaction F.52 we’ve introduced the calculation period and the posting control.

And this is the result of the interest calculation:

And here is the document posting automatically by SAP displayed with transaction FB03:

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