SAP Hybris Marketing Introduction

After going through our earlier post on SAP Hybris Marketing Segmentation Configuration, we received a lot of requests to provide an introduction to SAP Hybris. Many readers had heard the term Hybris but did not know exactly what it is. In this article, we would provide a high-level overview of Hybris Marketing.

SAP Hybris Marketing is a cross-industry solution that enables Marketing and Sales to focus on the right customers.It allows them to deliver real-time contextual and personalized experiences about individual customers and anonymous visitors, allowing brands to deliver contextual, consistent and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device.

It allows us to structure a large amount of customer data to build a centralized profile that we can share as the single source of customer information across the organization. It also allows you to plan and create customized Target Groups and marketing campaigns that will increase the revenue and margin. It gives a 360-degree view of the customers interacting with your brand so that you can target them in real time.

Some Important Features of Hybris Marketing

  1. Hybris Marketing Data Management
  2. Hybris Marketing Recommendation
  3. Hybris Marketing Segmentation and Target Groups
  4. Hybris Marketing Campaign Management
  5. Insight
  6. Planning
  7. Business Administration
  8. Loyalty etc

Hybris marketing Data Management Module focuses on collecting all of the data from various channels and bringing it together to create a Golden record. It lays the foundation for later use in segmentation, campaign management etc.

Hybris marketing Recommendation Module provides consumers with relevant product and offers recommendations. It comes with an out of the box integration with Hybris Commerce Suite.

Hybris Marketing Segmentation Module is an Analytic application which can create a real-time segmentation of customers based on any attributes and then can be used to create Target Groups which can later be used in Marketing Campaigns.

Hybris Marketing Campaign Management is one of the key modules and it allows us to create different types of campaigns for the customers via any channel.

Insight Module provides real-time insights into Sales and Marketing.

Planning Module helps us to create and manage budgeting process and gain insights into budget and expenses.

From the technical Point of View, Hybris Marketing uses SAP HANA Database and Uses SAP NetWeaver ABAP and UI5 as front-end UI. Enhancements can be made using AS ABAP and for Segmentation Module, HANA Modeling is used. Hana Models can be created using Hana Studio and can be used as the data source in Hybris marketing system.

Hybris Marketing can be easily integrated with other SAP Solutions like S/4HANA, ERP, Hybris Commerce and third-party applications and Social Providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords etc.