PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM)

SAP Fleet Management Configuration along with Fuel Consumption (IFCU) in Plant Maintenance.

Fleet management is extremely popular within the industry where many vehicles are used, it’s used to keep track of vehicle usage, fuel consumption, etc.

In this blog, you will learn the essential steps to monitor consumption in fleet management using the PM (Plant Maintenance) module. I am trying to explain the steps used to set up fleet management along with creating the necessary master data and running a full transaction with inventory update. I hope that the reader can follow these detailed steps to grasp and configure SAP fleet management.

Initial Screen for Fleet Management Configuration

Assign View Profile and Equipment Categories to Fleet Object Types

Define Consumable types:

Define Usage type and fleet object

Define Engine Type

Make settings for Unit of measurement for monitoring of consumption

Define Special Measurement positions for fleet object.

Here we use Fuel and Distance to measure.

Define Calculation Method for Fleet Consumption Values

Now Consumption Relevant Reading:

Define Tolerance Check for Usage Control

Create Gas Station (It will be storage location (Inventory) for Petrol from where all quantity will be updated)

Assign Auxiliary Materials and Consumables (Material No for petrol)

Define Key and Cost Object for Updating Material Documents.

Here you can assign object where all cost should be charged, it could be a cost center or you can charge on open order, depending on your requirement.

Now configure Measuring Document Update

Measurement Position must be same as in measuring document

Now Create Transaction Data:


Measuring Point:

For Fuel

For Distance

Material Quantity before Consumption


Material Quantity after Consumption

These costs will go to Cost center which is assigned to Equipment Master