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SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service – How to quickly create a mobile application on S/4HANA Data

In this short video, I will demonstrate how you can extend your S/4HANA system by building a mobile app using the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service. I will build the app using the SAP Business Application Studio and the MDK (Mobile Development Kit). For this, I am using the trial version of the SAP cloud Platform and a S/4HANA system.

The idea is to create a application for browsing our product information on a S/4HANA system. In the SAP GUI, I would be using transaction SEPM_PD and for example look at product HT-1000.

SEPM_PD Transaction

This data is also available as an oData service.

oData S/4HANA Source

This is what I will be using for creating my application.

For the first step, I need to create a Mobile services Instance in my SCP trial. For that, head to your SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, Service Marketplace and look for Mobile Services.

Create a new instance, as you can see I have a lite version using the SCP Trial.

Access your instance by clicking on support.

Select your organization and your space.

Let’s create a new native/hybrid mobile application

Give it an ID and Name, click Next

Select the features you wish application should have. Click Finish

Now we need to set what this application connect to. Click on mobile connectivity

Create a new mobile destination.

Fill in the ID and the URL of the oData Service of your S/4HANA system, click on next.

Click next for the following steps, until the last page, and add a basic authentication, enter your user and password to your S/4HANA system.

You can ping your destination to verify that everything was correctly set.

Now you can go back to the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit and we will create the actual application. Go to subscription and SAP Business Application Studio

Connect to your SCP trial system at the bottom of the SAP Business Application studio page. This is pretty straight forward. Once this is done, click on create project from template.

Click on MDK Project

Choose the list details template, give the project and application a name.

Give it a name to the service file. Select Mobile service as the oData source, use the defined application in Mobile Service and the destination that we created. Notice that we can allow offline mode here. Click on next.

As we want to create an application to show our product details, don’t forget to select the ProductSet in the OData Data Collections. Click Finish.

All the code, pages layout has been created. Now you can deploy your application.

Once it is deployed, you can use the QR code and open it with the SAP Mobile Services on your phone.

Looking on my phone, here is what I see. I click on ProductSet.

Looking for product HT-1000.

We can see all the information.

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