SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, SAP BW/4HANA

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 and Licensing

As you know, Lumira 2.0 is an ambitious project to bring together 2 code lines into a single product that can address data discovery and analytic application use cases.

To review, Lumira 2.0 includes 3 separate components:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, discovery component
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, designer component
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for BI Platform

The discovery component is the successor to Lumira Desktop 1.31.

The designer component is the successor to Design Studio 1.6.

The server version for BI Platform is the successor to BOTH the Lumira Server for BI Platform 1.31 and Design Studio server addon 1.6.

So for the desktop clients, it’s pretty straightforward:

  • If your license entitles you to Lumira Desktop 1.x, you get the discovery component.
  • If your license entitles you to Design Studio 1.x, you get the designer component.

But what about the server version of 2.0? We are bringing together 2 sets of customers with 2 different license entitlements onto a single component.

Before we made any decisions about how to handle this, we established a few principles to guide our decisions:

SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, SAP BW/4HANA

By taking a use case approach, we are able to ensure continuity of functionality that is in line with what customers expect while protecting the investment of existing Lumira customers.

One thing you may notice here is the mention of ‘managed data discovery’ and ‘modern self service data discovery’. What do we mean by that?

  • Managed data discovery requires IT to perform initial setup – such as creating a Universe, creating a BW query, configuring the connection from Explorer to these managed data sources.
  • Self-service data discovery aligns with Gartner’s definition of modern BI, which allows a business user to complete the entire BI workflow without assistance from IT including data access and data preparation.

Now that we have established our use cases, we can align them with product entitlements:

SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, SAP BW/4HANA

This table shows how Lumira 1.x customers continue to be entitled to server features that supports the self service data discovery use case, while we are creating use-case appropriate restrictions on single Lumira 2.0 server that narrows the functionality to just what is required to support enterprise dashboards, analytic applications and managed data exploration functionality.

This also significantly simplifies our BI solution portfolio and provides a clear licensing path forward for customers that own licenses to any of the following products:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 1.x
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.x

We have literally hundreds of legacy material codes that include these licenses that needed to be updated to include Lumira 2.0. Once Lumira 2.0 hits the general availability milestone, you should be able to download the components you are entitled to.

If you have specific questions regarding the license entitlements for the licenses you own today, please contact your partner or SAP account executive.

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