SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud – Just Ask Feature

Just Ask is a new feature in SAP analytics cloud powered by Gen AI.

By the help of Just Ask one can query SAC Data models in a normal English Language and can get the expected result.

Steps to get started with SAC Just ask:

Step – 1: Click on the :

from the Tabs at the right corner:

Step -2: Select a Model to Index for Just Ask from Manage Models feature.

Step -3: After adding a model to just ask one can :

  • Set the synonyms for the dimension and measures :- By this user can query model without depending on the exact name of dimension and measure.

For Example: We have created a synonyms “sales” for “before tax amount” measure.

  • Set the user specific rules in the model like : whenever users queries a measure it displays the result with the cuts of specified dimension in the rule, set the include and exclude filters, set the sort orders.

For Example : Before tax amount is to be shown by branch.

Step – 4 : Now since the model is ready so we can start querying our model.

Some examples questions are jotted down below:

Q1: Show me top 3 brands by Sales?


Q2 : Who are my top3 consistent customers?


Q3: Lowest performing branch by sales in East


So, we can do multi-dimensional query by adding Branch and East Zone

Q4: What is my sales by month ?


Q5: Which customer city is generating most sales ?


Q6: Which branch is generating least sales for Ply


Q7: How the sales of product group ply performed over month


Q8: How did marketing spend impact sales by brands in Kolkata?

Ans: It shows Correlation of Marketing spend with Sales across Brands in a territory


The model which we used have the following dimension and measures:

Please jot down your ideas and suggestion in the comment box to avail the full of this facility by SAC.