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SAP ABAP HR Display Additional Fields in Payslip India

This document contains the step via step procedure to create and Display Additional Fields in Pay slip India.

Display HR Additional Fields in Pay slip

Create a Structure which will be used later to display data.

Here I create the structure ZHR_ZFILD, with all the required fields which I want to display in payslip.

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Define a Work area of type ZHR_ZFILD inside include RPCEDDZ9. We will fill this work area later and it will hold actual data for display.

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Main Program: HINCEDT0

Include : RPCEDSZ9

Create a Enhancement ZEI_RPCEDSZ9_EMPLOYEEDATA in the include RPCEDSZ9, Inside FORM REFRESH_PERNR_MOD.

Create a Include ZHR_RPCEDSZ9_EMPDATA In the enhancement where we will read the data an fill our work area ZFILD.

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Inside this Include write a code to fill the values into those fields.

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Now add these 2 fields using transaction: – PE51_CHECKTAB

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Now in PE51.

Add the fields to be displayed on Pay slip in “Text Modules”

After that go to window option, position your fields on the form and link it to the table and fields we create earlier.

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Now just do the alignment of your fields on that form and link it to the table and field. Data will come on the payslip.

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