S/4Hana 2023 – Key User Extensibility – Custom Logic App – Keep the Core Clean

With S/4hana 2023 SAP introduce another fiori application which can help key users to implement BADI’s that have been released by SAP. We can start implementing from the Custom Logic app or from the UI adaptation in an application that can be extended.

BADI’s Extension can be created by using the application and we will also have the flexibilities to view the latest documents, Develop extension where we can also refer sample code , Test the code and compare the code as well. This app can play a major role to keep the core clean.

By using fiori app itself extension can be done.

Custom Logic – F6970

Custom Logic Fiori App tile in Fiori launchpad –

Create Extension –

Extension Points

Really good Documentation in order to get detailed knowledge of selected BADI.


Create Extension Points.

Open Code Editor – This is really nice features.

Develop –

This is really good right? we have option to see Sample Code.

Save and Publish the changes.

Test –

Compare –

Created Extensions project would be added and available in Implementations list .