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S/4 HANA Schedule and monitor application related jobs

As most of the companies are moving to the S/4 HANA On-Premise.When you get a requirement to create a report which will perform month end posting especially in the S/4 Finance area.

How to you design an Application for such requirement.

Is it possible to Create a Ui5 App to perform both front end and month end background jobs moniter ? Yes but is it a good design as you have to do lot of reworks to make it work as a background job.

When i was going through certain Fiori Apps I found an interesting S/4 HANA standard Application Application Jobs from Fiori APP library :‘F1240’)/S14OP

Let explore the options in the above Appplication jobs

1. How to create job template

Open the transaction SAPJ and then Create Job Catalog Entry Name .

There are three options which SAP Provided in the transaction SAPJ in the tab HEADER :

Report : SAP GUI Report Name

Class : In case you wanted to re-use the class for a Fiori App you can also provide class here

Chain : In case you wanted to take this run the chain of Jobs then go with this option

Check Class : ABAP class that is used to check the parameter values the user enters.To be able to use all methods that are pre-delivered and up-to-date make sure that the check class inherits from the abstract class CL_APJ_JT_CHECK_BASE.

Value help : In case of value help inherit the interface IF_APJ_RT_VALUE_HELP_EXIT will inherited for the F4 helps.

Delete Exit : In case if you want to delete the jobs after sometime Inherit the interface IF_APJ_RT_DELETE_JOB_EXIT

Text Exit : In case if you want to display the text IF_APJ_DT_JCE_TEXT_EXIT

Scoping Relevant : If a job catalog entry is defined as Scoping relevant, the application job component makes it available only in clients with a corresponding tuple (, ). These are maintained in the APJ_C_SCOPE table. If the flag is not set, the job catalog entry is available in all clients.

To divide the screen into different section use the tab Sections

To divide the selection screen into different Selection Screen Blocks using the Groups Tab

How to get the selection scree fields in the Jobs Dynamically ?

Click on the synchronise parameters the selection screen parameters from the Se38 Report are transferred here with out additional coding .

As you see the selection screen fields are transferred automatically and the grouping can be Done.

Now Save and the Job catalog is successfully created.

Job template :

In the same transaction SAPJ Do the Job catalog and Job Template Mapping :

You can also define the define values and the default Job Period granularity.

How to Access the job catalog from the Application Job APP :

Open the App Application Jobs and then click on the create button as shown in the below screen shot

Then by default there will be the first Job template also the Parameters will be displayed.

But when you select the Job template created by you then the parameters will be changed dynamically.

How do you scheduling your recurring Jobs :

In the Tab scheduling options :

The below options are possible

Single Run or Define Recurrence Patterns :

Daily or Weekly or Monthly ( end of the month or starting of the month/ working Day or Holiday)

You can also select the different Calender also the day light saving :

Once you schedule the job you can also check the job results logs and spools as shown below :

How Can i create a separate App for your own functionality ?

Create a Own Tile and target mapping and in the target mapping provide the below details :

Pass the job Category in the input parameter :

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

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