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Report to fetch Documents uploaded in Onboarding 1.0


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 is limited in terms on reporting capabilities, however advance reports feature helps in retrieve data for day to day business needs.

Through this blog, I am trying to explain how a user can create an Onboarding report to fetch Documents uploaded by Candidate/Recruiter in Onboarding Panel for the business requirement of Document Reconciliation Activity.

Following the below steps in sequence will help in building a successful report/extract

  • Access to Report Section
  • Create a panel with File Upload control
  • Create key(Form Code) in Data Dictionary
  • Upload Document in Panel
  • Create Advance Report
  • Report Output


Step #1 – Able to access Report Section in Onboarding.

Path: Onboarding 1.0 Dashboard -> Reports

Step #2 – Create a Panel with File Upload control.

Path: Onboarding 1.0 Dashboard -> Settings -> Panels

When we do configuration of upload control, we have one property “Form Code”.

If this property is filled out and if a candidate uploads document, the key with name Upload.UserDefinedPanel.{FormCode} will be created.

In this configuration,

Upload.UserDefinedPanel.Photograph_B is the key expected to be generated.

The value of this key will be like this “Uploaded_01_01_2021_01_01_01.JPG”.

But the value of the key is not important in this case. It is more important that the key exists and is not blank.

Step #3 – Create key in Data Dictionary.

Path: Onboarding 1.0 Dashboard -> Settings -> Data Dictionary

In Data Dictionary, you need to create the key (Reference: Upload.UserDefinedPanel.{FormCode}).

Repeat this process for every key to be created to extract in the report. Super admin access would be required for this process.

Once all of these have been configured, you can create an Advanced Report that includes the File Upload control key.

Step #4 – Upload Document in Panel.

Path: Onboarding 1.0 Dashboard -> Home -> Onboarding Process -> Document Upload Place Holder.

Candidate has uploaded an attachment thru the File Upload control with Photograph_B form code in the panel.

Via backend, key Upload.UserDefinedPanel.Photograph_B got populated.

Step #5 – Create an advance report

Path: Onboarding 1.0 Dashboard -> Reports –> Advanced Reports

Please make a list of all the data fields with form code created and available in the Data Dictionary. If they are missing, please go back to step #3.

Import Note – As part of the system design, the Advanced Report uses the key names as a header of the generated report. The report does not display the Label or Description of the key in the report header.

Path: Onboarding Dashboard > Reports > Advance Report

1. In the Reports tab, click on the Advance Reports and click on the icon ‘Create’

2. Report parameters – field definitions

a. Report Name – Enter Report Name per project naming convention

b. Report Scope – Select the project scope. Keep in mind every user who got the access to Report Tab of the Onboarding application.

Public – This report will be visible for all user who can access Onboarding Report

Private – Apart from you, only users who got Proxy access can run this report

c. Based on Template – If you have a template with already selected keys, click this checkbox.

d. Report Template – Select from the drop down the available Template.

Template is a collection of the data fields/keys. This saves time in selecting each key for the report. Once you have the template with all keys, you can use this for additional reports.

3. Select report fields – Click next and you will be asked to select the listed keys which will be part of the report output.

If you need to add any new data fields, click the three dotted line shown below and in the select HR data key section enter and find a new field.

Added key Upload.UserDefinedPanel.Photograph_B (Note: this key will only appear in the selection if it is configured in the Data Dictionary)

4. Set Report Filter – There are number of options to filter the report output as needed.

  1. Process – Select the process example- onboarding, offboarding etc.
  2. Date Type – Select the time period based on the date type (start date vs Activity creation date)
  3. Select Field – Select the key to filter the data and use the operator as per need

Set a condition Upload.UserDefinedPanel.Photograph_B so that report will pull candidate records that have uploaded an attachment thru the File Upload control in the panel with Photograph_B form code.

5. Save Report as Template – You can now save the current report as a template. This helps to use the existing Template for future report building.

6. Now you are able to execute the Report.

It will take a few seconds/minutes to finish the execution of the report based on the data fields selection and volume of the data. Once finished ‘double click the report name’ and download the report output in excel.

Step #6 – Report Output

Note: You can set parameters based on your business requirement. This is only an example to show that candidates that have uploaded an attachment thru the File Upload control in the panel with Photograph_B form code have been pulled to the report.

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