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Receipt & Reversal of Handling Units from Production with Restricted Batch Using Radio Frequency

Receipt of Handling Units from Production( Document Type INBM

This blog will explain how from RF receipt of Hus and its reversal can be conducted for Advance Production Integration.


  • All mandatory configuration of Advance production integration
  • Master data is set up
  • Batch management is set up
  • RFUI is set up

The receipt of HUs from Production line using RF is a process by which goods receipt process at the end of production line is automated.

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In the below example, points will be discussed

  • Generation of restricted batch with Production date and BBD
  • Generation of Hus with RF
  • Generation of Inbound delivery in S4 Embedded EWM( No Expected Goods receipt)
  • Create & Confirm Warehouse Task from RF
  • Create a manufacturing order in ERP with goods receipt in EWM managed sloc. The product is batch managed with batch status management is active both in ERP and EWM. The initial status of batches is ”Restricted” is activated in OCHA and in EWM warehouse task creation with ”Restricted Status” is configured at warehouse process type level.
  • Logon to RFUI.
  • Scan the product
  • Create the HU( Receiving 1 HU from production )
  • Create Inbound delivery from RFUI.
  • Restricted Batch with Production date and SLED is generated. Restricted batch in EWM is marked as X.
  • Create Warehouse Task

Reversal of Handling units.

If below condition is met, HU cannot be reversed.

  • The putaway of the HU to the final bin is already complete.
  • The HU is currently not in a bin and is not a planned HU.
  • The HU has multiple stock items in it, or the stock is not directly in the HU.
  • The stock in the HU refers to a quality inspection document that is released and cannot be canceled.

So, only those HUs can be reversed whose HU WT is not confirmed.

Try to reverse the above HU 8001000082.

— > Business context RVS Reverse Receipt, in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Start of the navigation path Cross-Process Settings Next navigation step Exception Handling Next navigation step Define Exception Codes End of the navigation path. The exception code must have an internal process code and a process code to reduce inbound delivery quantities upon reversal of the HU. DIFR

  • Process code has reduced the inbound delivery
  • Business Context RVS ,Exception code DIFF and the corresponding Process code I001 initiate the process of HU reversal by adjusting the Warehouse request.
  • Inbound delivery has reference of Process code
  • Try to conduct reversal of HU which is already Putawayed. System will not allow to do reversal of HUS.
  • Now, finally do the whole process again to conduct put-away.
  • New IBD is created.
  • Conduct WT creation and Confirmation
  • Check the delivery status now
  • Check Manufacturing Order in ERP
  • Check the Stock status with Batch Status in ERP and In EWM
  • EWM monitor Stock

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