More reason to use rapid data migration to leap into the SuccessFactors cloud!

We just recently released an updated version of the RDS “rapid data migration to Cloud Solutions from SAP” which now includes content to migrate data to Benefits and Learning Management System (LMS).

SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Benefits is an efficient benefits solution that delivers control for administrators, efficiency for employees, and supports global benefits event.

SuccessFactors LMS can be an application that will bring success of trying to keep employees up to date on everything, which is mission critical for most organizations and immediate savings in areas such as:

  • Reduced costs for travel and training facilities by moving training on-line
  • Lower instructor fees and salaries and costs to produce, ship, store and update materials
  • Reduced time away from the job
  • Reduced record-keeping costs (SuccessFactors provides instant audit histories for individuals or groups)
  • Improved training efficiencies (SuccessFactors lets you customize content for student needs to achieve better retention and acceptance and faster training completion)
  • Increased scheduling and enrollment efficiencies (SuccessFactors automatically detects and resolves scheduling conflicts, tracks costs and allocates resources as they are needed.
  • Elimination of multiple systems, resulting in lower costs and better control over all aspects of the training experience through one standard, centralized access point.

Here’s a high-level diagram of how the data flows in the LMS migration solution:


To find out more information on the details of new and existing contents, which are included in this rapid data migration, please go to the service marketplace and download the documents:

You can always view our bi-weekly rapid data migration broadcast for more info by subscribing to the SAP Service YouTube channel and search for The Data Migration Guys: