Quota Arrangement in SAP S/4HANA Cloud


This blog post has been written to provide details and how to use quota arrangement in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

With this Fiori App “ Manage Quota Arrangements” we can display and manage quota arrangements. This app enables us to specify the portion of a requirement that can be obtained from a certain source of supply over a specific period.

If a material can be obtained from various sources of supply , each individual source of supply can be allocated a quota arrangement . The quota arrangement is valid for a certain period and specifies exactly how the receipts are to be distributed amongst each source of supply.

We can set the quota arrangement for in-house production as well as for external procurement .

The blog post also addresses the query

  • How to have two sources of supply for Single Material , where small quantities of material are being internally procured and the larger quantities of the material being externally procured.
  • Manage Procurement of same material externally from two different Vendors.


  • Material Master

Procurement type should be X, both Procurement types for Internal and External Procurement

For External Procurement with Two different vendors , Procurement type should be F.

Lot Size should be maintained.

For Inhouse Production Version is maintained.

  • Lot Size Configuration

In Manage your Solution App check the below SCCUI

Or in CBC

Splitting Quota should be checked.

  • Maintain Purchase Infor Record

In App “Manage Purchasing Info Records”, Maintain the Purchase Info record for the Material TG11_XX

  • Manage Quota Arrangements

In Manage Quota Arrangements Maintain the Quota for Internal and External Procurement.

Here 80% Quota is External Procurement and 20% Quota are Internal Procurement

Quota Split in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Here we will Run the process of Quota split for Internal and External Procurement.

We have maintained the planned independent requirements in APP “ Create PIRs”

Before MRP run

Schedule the MRP Run in App “ Schedule MRP Runs”

The requirement has been split as per quota arrangement.

Vendor is as per Quota arrangement.

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