People Profile in SuccessFactors

People Profile is the new version of Employee Files which uses latest responsive web design technique. Principle of responsive web design is that as the user switches from their laptop to iPad or mobile, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size which leads to
smooth navigation and excellent user experience.

Responsive web design technique is the latest trend in web environment and I am happy that SuccessFactors is offering latest and greatest rich user experience to it’s customers.

Below is the new look and feel of People Profile

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Advantages of People Profile:

Access to information in one click: Before People Profile , employee data was grouped into multiple views (for example, Personal Information, Employment Information, Talent Information , Time Off , Benefits etc. ) so user has to click on each view in employee files to access the specific information.

Sometimes this may be annoying navigate to different views to view different information, in contrast People Profile shows complete information (It completely respects Role Based Permissions) in one page and provides a menu bar on top with section names. As user scrolls down though the information , corresponding section in the menu bar highlights automatically.

In short user can navigate to any section in one click either using menu bar or using scroll down option.

More Visualization : There is more concentration on visualization in People Profile than in the past, like displaying the country flags next to country names, displaying the manager profile picture next to HR-Manager or Matrix Manager in Job relationships, showing the location in the map for Time Zone field etc.

People Profile in SuccessFactors People Profile in SuccessFactors

Time Data : Time Off section in People Profile shows snap shot of leave balances and upcoming time off requests.

Time Sheet shows planned and recorded hours for today, tomorrow and for whole week.

I feel user would like the idea of showing high level information of both Time Off and Time Sheet information in same place.

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Change Profile Picture /Background image : User can change profile picture or background picture using the header option as below..

People Profile in SuccessFactors

How to enable People Profile: This is an opt-in feature, so it must be enabled in provisioning. Below is the feature which should be enabled.

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Add/Remove Section: It is now made extremely flexible and easy for Administrator to choose which sections to be displayed and which sub section to be displayed under parent section using drag and drop option.

By enabling People Profile feature, “Configure People Profile” option replaces the “Configure Employee Files” and this new features is quite convenient for Administrators.

Admin can add any number of new sections and rearrange the existing sections quite easily just by drag and drop.

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Configure Header Fields : Administrator can configure the fields to be displayed on header section. Now it is possible to choose up to 3 additional custom fields to be displayed addition to the standard fields available in public profile so far. This feature is extremely useful as majority of the customers would like to see additional information at header level.

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Role Based Permissions for Sections/Views: Like earlier, once views are configured in “Configure People Profile”, they can be permissiond in Employee Views .

People Profile in SuccessFactors

Contingent Workforce:

In People Profile “Contingent Worker “caption has been added in header section for contingent employees, which makes it easy to identify contingent employees. For contingent workers , People Profile only shows the relevant sections unlike normal employees.

People Profile in SuccessFactors