Overview of Sales Activities

Normally all Sales activities (leaving out the activities undertaken by Marketing function) can be broadly categorized into pre sales and post sales activities. Pre Sales activity is a process which happen before product is sold to customer.

Pre Sales Documents
They are of 2 types 1) Inquiries and 2) Quotation:

Inquiries : Inquiry documents are customer request for information about product.(e.g. Is product is available, product cost,delivery date etc). T-code for Inquiries is -.

  • VA11 – Create Inquiry
  • VA12 – Change Inquiry
  • VA13- Display Inquiry

    Quotes: This is a legally binding document to the customer, for delivering product or service to customer T-code for Quotes is –

  • VA21 – Create Quotation
  • VA22 – Change Quotation
  • VA23- Display Quotation

    Pre Sales Support
    It defines tracking of customer contacts by sales visits, phone calls, letters and direct mailings.

  • Customer Tracking : Sales personnel track customer.
  • Mailing Campaigns: Sales personnel or company arrange a mailing campaigns to reach customers.
  • Customer telephone Queries: Sales support personnel answer Customer queries.

    Post Sales activities
    These activities include Farming, Relationship Management and Support.