Now available: SAP Best Practices for UX in S/4HANA

Now available: SAP Best Practices for UX in S/4HANA

As announced, SAP S/4HANA is designed with the most modern, role-based user experience called SAP Fiori. It gives users a personalized, responsive, and simple UX across all tasks and devices. With S/4HANA, it is more important to look at how people work and what is needed to help users get their job done, rather than rewriting existing transactions with a new UI technology.

SAP Best Practices are a key pillar of SAP Activate methodology, which is the new innovation adoption framework for a faster deployment of SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Best Practices for S/4HANA Portfolio Overview

Now available: SAP Best Practices for UX in S/4HANA

The SAP Best Practices for UX have been designed to support customers to implement all available UI technologies relevant for S/4 HANA on premise which must be configured and to make them available via one single access point, the Fiori Launchpad. The best practices also provide guidelines how to configure standard SAP GUIs, Web Dynpro applications or customized transactions using SAP Screen Personas to achieve a harmonized Fiori-inspired user experience. After a system conversion into a S/4HANA system this package allows a simpler configuration, using automated configuration, as far as possible, to support an agile adoption of continuous innovation all the way up to go-live.

Now available: SAP Best Practices for UX in S/4HANA

Scope for SAP Best Practices for UX in SAP S/4HANA

  • Step-by-step guide how to set up the Fiori infrastructure, deploy Fiori apps and how to automate this for a repetitive deployment in multiple systems
  • Deployment of recommended Fiori security settings and basic network configuration, like Single-Sign-On
  • How to add different types of apps to the Fiori Launchpad, including SAP JAM, Web Dynpro, SAP Screen Personas
  • How to design and create Fiori-inspired SAP Screen Personas Flavors including examples for Sales Order Processing
  • Mobilizing of Fiori apps using the SAP Fiori Client
  • How to extend and customize Fiori apps using SAP Web IDE and the SAP Fiori Theme Designer

Get started

Download the full best practice package by following the steps below:

1) Go to the SAP Best Practices for UX in S/4 HANA web page:

2) Check the scope and software and delivery requirements

3) Tab on the orange button on the right hand side Download package*

4) Select the link Installation

5) Download and extract the ZIP file to your local hard disk. All documentation assets will be available offline on your desktop

7) Chose start.htm to open the Content Library to flexibly simulate the Scope-Items as you need them and get the related Configuration Guides.

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