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C_THR97_2105: Secrets to Pass the Exam Revealed!!!

Don’t miss the chance to use SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 through the C_THR97_2105 certification. A study guide and practice test are valuable resources to earn success in the C_THR97_2105 exam.

C_THR97_2105 or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1H/2021 certification exam verifies that the candidate possesses the basic knowledge in the area of the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding application.

The C_THR97_2105 certification also proves that the candidate has the basic and overall understanding within the consultant profile of the industry solution and can use his knowledge practically in projects under the guidance of a senior consultant.

Details of the C_THR97_2105 Certification:

C_THR97_2105 or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1H/2021 certification exam comprises 80 questions. A candidate needs to get a 66% mark to pass the exam. The exam asks multiple-choice and multiple-response questions.

  • The C_THR97_2105 certification is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get acquainted with the fundamentals of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding.
  • Consultants requesting access to implement onboarding must hold valid credentials for both C_THR81 (Employee Central) & C_THR97 (Onboarding).
  • After you pass the C_THR97_2105 exam, you will be needed to pass regular assessments to stay current for all subsequent SAP SuccessFactors releases to maintain your certification status and SAP Global Certification digital badge.

Topics Covered under the C_THR97_2105 Exam:

The C_THR97_2105 exam covers topics like-

  • Onboarding Data Model
  • Email Notifications Using Email Services
  • Essential Features and Provisioning Settings to Enable Onboarding
  • Role-Based Permissions for Onboarding
  • Custom Data Collection
  • Document Template Management and e-Signatures
  • Recruiting Management Integration with Onboarding
  • Role-Based Permissions for Offboarding
  • Rehire Process with Onboarding
  • Onboarding Process and Compliance Settings
  • Offboarding Process

Study Guide to Pass the C_THR97_2105 Exam

Move Forward with the Registration First:

If you fix the exam date early, you can plan it according to the time you have. The thought of taking the C_THR97_2105 exam on a particular date and making a plan to cover the syllabus works well together.

Completing the C_THR97_2105 Syllabus Is Must:

SAP C_THR97_2105 exam topics usually carry almost equal percentages, so exploring each section and gaining knowledge from them is mandatory in SAP C_THR97_2105 exam success. A candidate must chalk out how does he want to cover the entire syllabus. How to remember the whole syllabus that becomes a concern for many candidates. Remembering becomes easier if the aspirants make a habit of writing the topics regularly during the study. You can maintain a notebook to write correctly and use these notes later during revision.

Be Consistent with Your C_THR97_2105 Exam Schedule:

Make a schedule where you mention the study hour and topics to be covered within a specific time. Most people sit for study regularly at different timings, and they plan or choose the topic during the study, which wastes a lot of valuable time. But once an aspirant follows a routine or makes a chart and tries to dedicate certain hours for the C_THR97_2105 exam study, the candidate ends up completing the syllabus in an organized manner within the targeted weeks. Not studying regularly and planning to sit for a longer study hour is not such a great idea. Many aspirants plan to do so, but they fail at the last moment. Therefore it is suggested to study daily and for only two-three hours in a productive manner.

Are You Ready enough to Take the Exam?

A C_THR97_2105 practice test helps you to get the answer to the above question. A candidate’s study plan should be designed so that he gets enough time for self-evaluation before the exam. A self-assessment through the C_THR97_2105 practice test guides a candidate to the actual preparation level.

Make a suitable time within your study schedule and keep practicing online once you complete the syllabus topics. C_THR97_2105 practice tests are time-based, so the tests help you to get familiar with the actual exam. A candidate’s primary attempt should be to attempt the practice questions to learn about the areas he lacks and learn better time management. He might fail to score during the initial attempts but should not bother about the score initially. Gradual practice helps a candidate to score great gradually.

Always Be Ready to Learn from the Training:

SAP offers training for the C_THR97_2105 certification, which is beneficial and recommended to earn success in the exam.

What Is SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0?

The enhanced solution is named SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding (2.0), and to use the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding (2.0), the user must have SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central provisioned in his system. Employee Central is a prerequisite for Onboarding (2.0).

Key Features and Functionalities of SF Onboarding:

Here are some features of SF Onboarding:

  • Data Collection and Document Generation
  • Task and Process Management
  • New Hire Home Page
  • Document Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite Integration
  • Third-Party Integration

Onboarding 2.0 also offers new additional innovations like enhanced offboarding abilities as companies can no longer think of or treat offboarding as if it were just a required but inconvenient method.

C_HRHPC_2105 Certification Is the Secret to Get A Simplified Payroll Management

It is more vital than ever to assure that employees have a similarly thoughtful experience when exiting your company as they did when they joined it. SuccessFactors Onboarding helps to structure and simplify processes with actionable tasks for managers and off-boarders to make it easy to follow up on tasks, processors, due dates, or workflows while also providing a visual overview of other tasks.

Concluding Thoughts:

Each SAP certification deals with a specific domain and enhances your knowledge. The associate-level C_THR97_2105 certification deals with SF Onboarding 2.0 and upgrades your level to achieve higher-level certification and better career opportunities.

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