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C_GRCAC_12 Exam: Discover the Practice test to Become SAP Certified Application Associate

What is proved through the C_GRCAC_12 exam? The SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Access Control 12.0 certification demonstrates your knowledge to work with SAP BusinessObjects solutions. Use practice tests and make a study plan to pass the exam smoothly.

Overview of the C_GRCAC_12 Certification:

C_GRCAC_12 or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Access Control 12.0 certification exam for essentials edition confirms that the candidate has core knowledge regarding the SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance line of business area needed to become a consultant. The C_GRCAC_12 certification also assures that the candidate possesses the overall knowledge and in‐depth technical skills to work as a member of an SAP Access Control implementation project team with a focus on SAP Risk, Governance, Risk, and Compliance under any mentor’s guidance.

Who Should Take the C_GRCAC_12 Exam?

The C_GRCAC_12 certification exam is recommended as an entry-level qualification. Therefore, any candidate interested to make a career with SAP BusinessObjects Access Control can take the exam.

Topics Covered under the C_GRCAC_12 Syllabus:

The C_GRCAC_12 exam deals with the following topics-

  • Business Rule Framework
  • Business Role Management
  • MSMP Workflow
  • Periodic Review
  • GRC Configuration Settings
  • Access Risk Management
  • Integration Framework
  • Emergency Access Management
  • User Provisioning

Details of the C_GRCAC_12 Exam:

The C_GRCAC_12 exam is a 180-minute long exam and asks 80 questions. A candidate needs to face multiple-choice type questions and should score a 61% mark or more to pass the exam.

How to Get Ready for the C_GRCAC_12 Exam?

Register First to Take the Preparation to Next Level:

Register first approach always works better to ace the C_GRCAC_12 exam. Candidates who register first, their money gets involved, and they approach the exam in a more serious manner. Some aspirants only think of taking an exam, and they face unnecessary delays to take the exam. Therefore, get assured and plan accordingly for the exam with early registration.

Plan Your Daily Goals with A Study Schedule:

When it comes to syllabus completion, making a study schedule works best. It would be best if you maintain the subject topics and overall study goal in the chart. Some aspirants lose their valuable study time while thinking about what to study. To increase your productivity more, fix the hours for daily study and plan to study regularly during those hours. Do not hurry; focus on covering two to three topics, and learn the topics from the core.

Make Your Grip Strong on the C_GRCAC_12 Syllabus:

What is next after writing a study plan? It is undoubtedly covering the syllabus topics. Covering each section of the C_GRCAC_12 syllabus is essential, as the SAP exam syllabus is divided into almost equal percentages. Grasping some topics may be difficult, but keep the approach to learning from every section to cover the maximum number of questions. Making short notes have an important role in covering

Get Trained from the C_GRCAC_12 Experts:

A candidate might face difficulty during exam preparation. In that case, getting training from the SAP experts could benefit you a lot to enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Using C_GRCAC_12 Practice Test Would Help A Lot:

If a candidate makes a habit of practicing online, it helps in multiple-choice type exams. To assure success, an aspirant must check his preparation level regularly. A C_GRCAC_12 practice test helps a candidate assess his preparation level with real-time questions. Time management is crucial during online exams. Practicing on C_GRCAC_12 practice tests would help a candidate get familiar with the exam questions and get valuable insights into their preparation level. The rigorous practice would help to improve the sections a candidate is lacking.

Learn More about SAP Business Objects GRC Access Control:

SAP Business Objects Risk, Governance, and Compliance (GRC) application help the customers to define policies or rules and apply these policies through provisioning processes. SAP Access Control aids web services to allow the Identity Management (IDM) vendors to integrate for compliance provisioning.

What Are the Benefits of SAP BO GRC AC?

  • Enhance the productivity of end-users and mitigate risk through continuous monitoring effective management oversight.
  • The solution helps centralized access (and identity) management.
  • The solution protects from improper access to assets automates compliance.
  • SAP BusinessObjects helps in generating segregation of duties and access management.
  • The user can get real-time oversight and perform real-time detective controls and transaction monitoring effectively.
  • The combination of automated IT and Line of Business leads the road to compliance.
  • The user can get quick, effective, and comprehensive identification of risks.
  • Avoid business obstructions with faster emergency response.
  • Offer capabilities for management oversight.
  • Create internal audit, minimize audit cost & time.

Bottom Line:

Earning the C_GRCAC_12 certification allows a candidate to learn well about the SAP Business Objects GRC AC. Once the certification badge shines on your resume, getting the attention of potential employers for a better career is easy.

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