Letter generation with SuccessFactors Core HRIS – Employee Central

It actually all started as a Hack Day project. True story. And it continued due to the enthusiastic commitment of the engineers involved.

In Product Management we engage with customers regularly. After all, they are the ones who drive our constant product enhancements. Customers were consistently asking for letter generation capabilities with Employee Central (EC).

And the Hack Day group was listening too. The project became the enabling spark to start developing letter generation capabilites with SuccessFactors’ Core HRIS: Employee Central (EC). Thomas Otter announced it at the recent EC Customer Summit in St.Leon-Rot, Germany. It will be lightweight letter generation capability, combining data stored in EC with standard text to produce basic documents like Employment Verification Letters or Job Promotion Letters. The generated letters can be distributed to the employee via E-Mail and stored via SuccessFactors’ Attachment Framework.

Shortly after this announcement, I received messages from SF partners asking: what does this mean for our document management solution which works seamlessly with EC? Our Document Management Partners are the domain experts; we continue to encourage customers looking for specialized, sophisticated, full-blown document generation and management solutions (including features like content management, contract management, and archiving) to work with our partners. No change there.

So what started out as a submission to an internal competition, will soon turn into enhanced product. And although the project didn’t win the contest, it will be a winner with our customers!