BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

How to Launch Consolidation via RSPLAN

In BPC Embedded Consolidation the use of Data Manager Packages is not supported anymore. Instead Task Sequences are required to group the Business Rules to be executed via the Consolidation Monitor.

Through note 2476459 – Trigger Consolidation Tasks from Analysis Office, a new Function Type has been introduced to allow the launch of consolidation logic via planning functions. The planning function can then be attached to an Analysis for Office workbook and executed from there.

One gap in the function type, is that, does not allow the selection of BPC Environment or Model. Which will quite often cause an error when executing from RSPLAN or via ABAP (that will call the planning function).

To overcome this, we need to create a new Function Type and Implementation Class and make it available the option to set the BPC Environment and Model.

1- Implementation Class

Go to SE24 and copy the class: CL_UJP_CONS_SRVTYPE


In row 46 include the following code:

* BPC Environment
get_parameter_value( EXPORTING i_r_param_set = <l_s_rule>-r_param_set
i_param_name = ‘APPSET’
i_param_elem = rs_c_true
IMPORTING e_param_value = p_appset_id ).
* BPC Model
get_parameter_value( EXPORTING i_r_param_set = <l_s_rule>-r_param_set
i_param_name = ‘APPL’
i_param_elem = rs_c_true
IMPORTING e_param_value = p_appl_id ).

Move the following section to the end of the loop at l_t_rule – as this section requires the BPC Environment and Model to work:

* Get key figure
IF p_keyfigure IS INITIAL.
p_keyfigure = cl_ujp_utility=>get_dim_by_type( EXPORTING i_appset_id = p_appset_id
i_application_id = p_appl_id
i_type = cl_rsbpca_constants=>n_c_dim_type_measure
i_prov_role = cl_rsbpca_constants=>n_c_iprov_role_consolidation ).

CATCH cx_uja_admin_error.
CATCH cx_uj_no_auth.
CATCH cx_uj_static_check.


* X Message


2- Info Objects

Create two info objects one for BPC Environment and one for BPC model.

I’ve created both as Char 20, no master data and no text.

3- Function Type

Now go to RSPLF1 and copy function type /CPMB/LAUNCH_LOGIC.


In the properties tab, you will need to update the Implementation Class to your newly created one:

BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

In the Parameter tab, create two new Elementary parameters:


BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

3- Planning Stuff

All done. Just create your Aggregation Level, Filter, Planning Function and Sequence and execute via RSPLAN.

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