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ISU Master Data Creation tool

The SAP – ISU master data creation program is used to create the automatic master data with proper linking without going through the SAP standard transaction.

The typical flow of an ISU master data is outlined in the flow chart below.

As a standard, SAP has no option to create all the master data in single click.

For creating the ISU master data we have to go through different SAP standards screen to create master data and link them separately but through this program we can do all that in single click.

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As creating the ISU master data needs the technical knowledge but through this code that complexity is reduced. Now we have to provide little information at the screen and we ready to create the master data in the ISU system.

Master Data Template (MDT) and Master Data Generator (MDG) are the common tools in IS-U to accelerate the data creation process. MDT allows you to allocate fixed values to fields in any given object. This enables you to create data with minimum data entry.

Creation of MDT

Go to transaction code:- ‘EPRODCUST’

Now provide the MD template name and MD template category and create.

All objects are deactivated during the initial below example

Activate the necessary Object Nodes that you want. The red dot indicates the services that needs to be defined for the specific activated node.

Maintain mandatory field as we have few options to define the node, mostly commonly used are Parameter & Constant are shown below. For key field (e.g. HAUS), always declare it as a Parameter in order to retrieve the object key after the execution.

Now after activating all the necessary node and maintaining the mandatory field and additional field of the activated node save the MDT and we are ready for the execution.

Now go back to the transaction code and provide the MD Template name and execute it.

Now pass the required value to the field.

After Passing the value click on ADOPT in application tool bar all the required data will get created.

Creating the ISU Device Data Through ABAP Program Using the MDT

Creation of Business Partner:

A business partner could be a person, an organization, a future customer, a contact person or even an installer who is licensed to provide the utilities services on behalf of the utility company.

For creating Business Partner we are using SAP Standard Function Module ‘BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA’ and passing different values like partner category, partner group, partner personal data and partner address as mention below.

gs_centraldata-title_key = p_t_key.
gs_centraldataperson-firstname = p_fname.
gs_centraldataperson-lastname = p_lname.
gs_address-city = p_city1.
gs_address-country = p_cntry.
gs_address-street = p_strt.
gs_address-house_no = p_hs_no.
gs_address-postl_cod1 = p_p_cod1.
gv_partnergroup = p_pgroup.

partnercategory   = gc_person
partnergroup      = gv_partnergroup
centraldata       = gs_centraldata
centraldataperson = gs_centraldataperson
addressdata       = gs_address
businesspartner   = gv_businesspartner
return            = gt_return[].

After passing all the values we are going to pass the Business Partner role using the function module ‘BAPI_BUPA_ROLE_ADD_2’ with the other information like Business Partner number created earlier and business partner category as below.

businesspartner             = gv_businesspartner
businesspartnerrolecategory = gc_partnerrolecat
businesspartnerrole         = gc_partnerrole.

Now we are using the function module ‘BAPI_BUPA_CARDDETAIL_ADD’ to add the card details of the business partner by passing the card detail along with the business partner number.

businesspartner = gv_businesspartner
*           BANKDETAILID    =
bankdetaildata  = gs_bankdetaildata
bankdetailidout = gv_bankdetailid
return          = gt_return.

Now after successful completion of all the function module we have to commit the generated details at the database level by using the FM ‘BAPI_TRANSCATION_COMMIT’.

Using the MDT

We have to create one class which create the following methods like

  1. Get_Container
  2. Append_container
  3. Mdt_call

Inside the method get_container we are passing the Field name and field value to the container and calling the method append_container to append those values to the container.

Now inside the mdt_call we are using the SAP standard function module ‘ISU_PRODUCT_IMPLEMENT’ and pass the MDT name ‘ZCO_MDT1’ and the Container value and also pass the table ‘lt_new_keys_tab’ to retrieve the generated technical master data at MDT level.

x_prodid              = lv_product_id
x_container           = lt_container
xy_new_keys_tab       = lt_new_keys_tab
general_fault         = 1
input_error           = 2
ambiguous_environment = 3
others                = 4.

Creating Move-In Document

Move-in document is the one when the customer moves into a location where the company has its services and he is ready to avail them, then a move-in document is created for him and billing is done based on that.

For creating the Move-In Document we are using the Function Module ‘BAPI_ISUMOVEIN_CREATEFROMDATA’ and passing all the required field necessary to create the move-in document like company code, division, account determination id and joint invoice.

moveincreatecontroldata = gs_moveincreatecontroldata
moveincreateinputdata   = gs_moveincreateinputdata
moveindocnumber         = gv_moveindocnumber
treturn                 = gt_return1
tcontractdata           = gt_tcontractdata
tcontractdatax          = gt_tcontractdatax.

Now after doing all these coding, we are ready to execute our program. Here we have the screenshot of the above code ‘ZCO_ISU_DATA_CREATE’ .

Initial Screen of the Program.

Pass all the details in the field at the screen and execute.

As soon as all the fields are provided at the selection screen and the program is executed the end to end master data is created in the system and the result will be displayed at the screen in ALV mode.

ISU master data creation can be used by any client to obtain as many number of master data in the ISU system.

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