Installing BW Standard Content

BI Content:
BI Content provides selected roles within a company with the information that they need to carry out their tasks. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse delivers pre-configured authorization objects under the collective term BI content. To understand this we take an example of a sales manager, who wants all the information like sales, market share, product quality, sales and service cost etc… to enable him to make effective decision. A BI content role will bring all this data together in the form of workbooks and queries carrying exactly the information the sales manager needs. No sensitive & confidential information from the HR department are shown to him

Installing BW Standard Content

Benefits of BI Content:

Below mentioned are the benefits of using BI Content.

  • Be used in particular industries without being modified
  • Be modified, meaning you can customize it to any degree of detail
  • Serve as a template or an example for customer-defined Business Content
  • Immediate access to interpreted information.
  • Ready-to-go reports, data models, extractors, transformations
  • Significant cut down of implementation time and costs
  • Consistency of operational processes with management processes
  • Easily extensible
  • Automatic improvements to the information model
  • Data consistency and integrity
  • Rich set of standard key performance indicators

    BI Content Objects:
    Business Content includes:

  1. SAP extractor programs
  2. Data Sources
  3. Process Chains
  4. InfoObjects
  5. InfoSources
  6. Data targets (Info Cubes and DSO objects)
  7. Variables
  8. Queries
  9. Workbooks
  10. Transformations and Update Rules
  11. Web templates
  12. oles

    Activation of BI Content:
    Steps to view and activate objects available via BI Content:

Step 1)

  1. Go to Transaction Code RSA1.
  2. Click the “Ok” button.

Installing BW Standard Content

Step 2)

  1. Browse to the tab “BI Content”.
  2. Click on “Object Types.”

Installing BW Standard Content

Step 3) You can browse the BI Content using different views. In attached screenshot, the content is grouped by “Object Type”.

  1. Click on “Select Objects” for required Object Type. Each object type is meant for a different role in an organiztion
  2. In the subsequent screen, select the required objects.
  3. Click on“Transfer Selection”.

Installing BW Standard Content

Step 4) The selected objects and all the objects on which they are dependent are added hierarchically.

  1. Select / deselect required objects
  2. Click on “Install” Button
  3. Click on Install from the drop-down.

Installing BW Standard Content