MAN Production Planning (PP), MM (Materials Management), FIN (Finance)

Import data from buffer in MASS transaction code


We can change material master, vendor master, cost center, profit center etc. in mass just copying data from excel (Recommended) or notepad or any other file but data should be arranged in correct format.


Before you change master data or transaction data arrange the data in correct format which data you want to change. For example you want change material description you should arrange data with language key in below format.

Column A–> Material number.

Column B–> Language key.

Column C–> Material description.

If you want to change purchase group of material master you should mention suitable organization data.

Column A–> Material number.

Column B–> Plant.

Column C–> Purchase group.

Here I explain how to change material description in mass without header and with header in copied data. Run the transaction code MASS, enter object type BUS1001 and click on Execute button (F8).

First I explain without header.

Copy data without header.

Select table MAKT and click on Import Data from Buffer.

Select Tab radio button, without header line and Execute.

Assign suitable fields.

Repeat same steps for remaining two columns and click on Execute (F8).

Note- You can also deselect which entry you don’t want to change.

Now save.

Copy data with header.

SAP automatically assigned fields.

Repeat the above explained step and save the data.

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