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Implement side-by-side extensibility with SAP Build Apps and SAP Process Automation in BTP onPremise

SAP Build is SAP’s low-code solution, aimed at enabling business users to effortlessly construct business applications. It integrates SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone into a cohesive development environment, introducing fresh innovations for swift app creation, process automation, and business site generation.


A business Partner(BP) fetched from S4Hana on-premise system. Then BP Tax no will change in BTP App . Then Approver will Approve or Reject. If Approver approved, then BP Tax no will update in backend.


In this topic we used below Technologies and Systems.

  1. SAP Build Apps
  2. SAP Process Automation
  3. SAP S4Hana On-Premise as backend


1. API from S4HANA system should be exposed to get consumed.

    2. Then build a App in BTP.

      3. Get the Entity from Backend destination and bind it to Data of the App.

      4. Build the App with 2 pages. First page will show the BP Header data in List format.

      Second Page with Input field.

      5. Create an Action to post the changes using API.

        6. Create a Workflow using Business Process Automation in BTP.

        In this simple workflow it will be trigger first from APP after Save button. Then it will go to the approver . If Approver approve, update will happen in BP.

        7. Deploy the app in SAP Build Work Zone.

          Test results:

          1. Open the App from SAP Build App preview or SAP Build Work zone. The BP no and Tax Id fetched from backend on the first page.

            2. After click on respective line, 2nd page will display. Give the Tax no for update.

            3. After Save , Workflow will be trigger.

            4. It will shown in the My Inbox App of approvers with updated Tax id.

            5. If User approve, Update will be triggered from Workflow. Workflow will be completed.

            6. BP will be updated with new Tax no.

            This document has been prepared only a summary to showcase the side by side extensibility. There ae some configurations need to be done in both SAP Build Apps, BTP and SAP Build work zone.