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How to make certain Dynamic Selection Fields Preselected in FBL1N,FBL5N and FBL3N?


Everyone uses FBL1N, FBL3N and FBL5N. Lots of times we utilize the Dynamic Selection Fields but everytime we use it we have to find the field and do some unnecessary Clickings. How we can get rid of the Clicking so that the Dynamic Selection Field is preselected.


Everytime we go to FBL5N Transaction Code we have to select Reference number field to Query based on that

Now we will do some Magic.

Go to Transaction SE36 and Enter DDF

Click on Change. If CUS is not created please copy from Standard

Now select Checkbox Preselect for XBLNR

For FBL1N transaction Code we can go to SE36 and Enter KDF

Now select Checkbox Preselect for XBLNR

This is for FBL3N Transaction Code the Logical Database is SDF

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