How to Load Dynamic File into SAP Info Providers

Easy Steps to Load the Dynamic​​ File into​​ Info Provider​​ in SAP BW


Info Package​​ should be created for Data​​ Source of File​​ Type
DTP (Data Transfer​​ Process) should be created for the same data source​​ and activated


Business often uses​​ different files every​​ day​​ to load the data into​​ Info Providers for differentiation. ​​ For example, same file name with date of the day when they are loading (Ex: Filename_20180808).​​
With this option, business will have flexibility​​ to load​​ different files every day.

How do we achieve this functionality?

By creating the Routine (ABAP code) in the​​ Info Package

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the​​ Info Package​​ (IP).

​​=>RSA1 => Find the​​ Info Package​​ => Double click on it

​​Below is the example: ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​

Step 2: Go to the Extraction Tab of the IP as shown in below screenshot.

Step 3: Click on​​ Create​​ Routine​​ icon​​ to create the ABAP routine. You will get the pop up to enter the name of the routine.

Give the name​​ and press Editor. It will open editor screen.

Note:​​ When we create routine, system​​ automatically generates some​​ code. We only need to manipulate the File name.​​

Step 4: Write​​ the​​ Code, check and save.

For example: I am writing a code to load the file based on user name and date.

Once you save it, routine will be shown in IP.

Step​​ 5: Run the IP to load the data of file into​​ Info Provider.

Check, you have the File Name.​​