How to Deploy UI5 App without LPD_CUST?

Are you still using​​ LPD_CUST​​ transaction and creating a​​ Launchpad​​ to​​ deploy​​ UI5 App?​​ Did you know we can get rid of this step?

Skip the transaction LPD_CUST and deploy the SAPUI5 and/or Fiori Apps​​ through​​ Target Mapping.

The​​ pre-requisite steps remain same.​​ If you are deploying your app for the first time, check this –

  • Deploy the app from WebIDE to​​ ABAP​​ repository.

The App is now available​​ as​​ BSP​​ Application. Make a note of the namespace reflected in​​ Component.js.

  • Create Semantic Object

In the transaction​​ /UI2/SEMOBJ, create semantic object. Semantic Object​​ and​​ Action​​ are fields​​ which are used for identifying​​ an SAP Fiori app​​ uniquely.

Note:​​ The combination of Semantic Object and Action​​ must​​ be unique​​ within an SAP Fiori launchpad environment.​​

  • Create Catalog

The Catalog creation​​ step remains same. Create a Catalog by clicking on + sign.

  • Create Target Mapping

After the new catalog is created, navigate to Target Mapping,​​ and click on Create Target​​ Mapping.

Here enter following:

1. Semantic​​ Object​​ – created in​​ /UI/SEMOBJ
2. Choose Action for Semantic Object
3. Application Type: SAPUI5-Fiori-Apps
4. Title: Title for the Target Mapping
5. URL- This is​​ the link to SAPUI5 App as per SICF​​ without default_host​​ in the path

So​​ the link should be something like this:​​ /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/servicename

6. ID: Here you must enter the Component Id as reflected in component.js ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​

If​​ component Id is then enter in the ID field.