How to Correct Invoice


Invoice Correction is a process to correct quantity or prices in the invoices for one or more line items.

The system calculates the differences between original amount and corrected amount. Invoice correction request is automatically blocked by the system,until it has been checked. Once its approved,we can remove the block.

The system creates either a credit or a debit memo according to the total value of the invoice correction request.


  1. Enter T-code VA01 in command field.
  2. Enter in Order Type field Invoice Correction Request.
  3. Enter Sales Organization / Distribution channel / division in organization data.
  4. Click on Create with references button ,to create invoice correction with reference of sales document.

How to Correct Invoice


  1. Enter Sales order no in which correction is required
  2. Click on Copy button.

How to Correct Invoice


  1. Ship-To party / PO Number can be changed.
  2. Enter Req. deliv date
  3. Order quantity can be changed.
  4. Click on save Button.

How to Correct Invoice

A message “Data Was Saved” is displayed.