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How to automate the process of adding a Job Relationship on change of a Business Unit

This blog is about how to automate the process of adding a job relationship on change of a Business Unit, Department, Division, etc. (as per the requirement). Here I have done it with the Business Unit (Renamed for Department FO) and populated Employee HR (HR BP) as the Job Relationship type.


1. Add a custom field in the Business Unit object with data type User

Navigation: Configure Object Definitions -> Select Object Definitions -> Select Business Unit Object

2. Add data to the Business Unit object using Manage Data Tool / Import


Tools: Intelligent Service Center (ISC), Integration Center

Step 1: Navigate to Integration Center from the search tool and create an integration with Trigger Type as Intelligent Service

Step 2: Select the source as Change in Business Unit (Selected this event to avoid confusion later with the Label and Object i.e., Department FO and Renamed label Business Unit)

Recommended to Use Change in Department event as the source

Step 3: Do the field Mappings

Default the value with the Option ID of the picklist value for Relationship type as per the requirement

Start Date as Start Date of Job Information,

User ID from Job Information,

and Name with the custom field which we created in the Business Unit

Other mappings

Step 4: Now map this integration in the event Change in Business Unit. Also, keep Timing as When event is published

Note: Save the flow after adding

Step 5: Write an onPostSave rule in Job Information (Manage Business Configuration) to trigger this event on Business Unit Change.

Hurray!! The configurations are done.




BU Change
Employee HR (HR BP) Change

Note: First I tried to write a Business Rule for the automation of populating HR BP Based on the Business Unit. I tried it onSave/onPostSave and onChange.


The rule was working fine only when we select both Job Information and Job Relationship together while we Change Job and Compensation Info using Take Action from Employee Profile.


The rule didn’t work as it threw the following error:

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