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How the Life Will be After SAP Certification

You need to experience life after SAP Certification. It will not make any much change for the professionals who are already working in the SAP field. However, the life of the people, who are expecting a job in SAP field or breaking into SAP Consulting domain, is with full of stress and anxiety. Taking any SAP certification will surely require a significant amount of time, money, effort, resources, and patience.

Some people are fortunate enough to know which SAP Certification they are going to pursue. However, it is not the case with all the people. They have to, first of all, inquire which certification is appropriate for their prospective career. This may take several months of analysis in the market. Once they have determined which SAP certification you should take, then they will have to prepare for the Certification in terms of arranging for the money, asking for leave from the current employer (if any), etc. This would further take another two months. Some people are usually eager to give the certification in just two to three months preparation. This is good to some extent because you will be absolutely in that flow.

However, some people are doubtful about whether to go for SAP certification practice test for another month or so and then give the certification exam. This may also be beneficial to some degree that you can study thoroughly. By, putting all these items collectively, it may approximately take five months of your time from the day you have fixed for Certification in your mind to the day you attempted the Certification. If the people are not lucky enough to clear the SAP exam at first attempt, possibly, they may study for another month or so, which is stressful period. You are already giving the Certification for the second time; this makes it more nervous because you are investing more amount of money with a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, six months of the period in a professional’s life is a significant amount of time.

Once you have passed the exam, you are happy, and everybody is happy. However, the real exam would begin from the next day. The days are more excited after SAP certification, particularly for the people who are seeking for a job / SAP consulting job based on their certification. They might have spent a large amount of money, time, and effort, but it does not give any assurance that you will get a job in the market. The market has become quite competitive, and employers are more cost instinctive in rolling out the offer letters. You might be attending several interviews and skipping each interview with various reasons.

In some cases, you are going up to last round of interview, but at the end of the day, you are coming to know that you are not selected for the job. This type of interviews are painful to the heart; it will take a week to come out of that hatred. The number of interviews you are going to fail; you would be getting mentally much powerful.

I am not going to list down the pessimistic views, but even many individuals have undergo all these tough situations in their life. There could also be some lucky people who have taken a leave to prepare for SAP certification, but as soon as the certification, they had to continue with their previous job, which is in a distant area.

However, most of the consulting organizations are in cities, and they may need the people at shorter notice. Moreover, nowadays, organizations are requiring the applicants to attend the interviews by one to one interview. It would be difficult for such candidates every time to come for an interview from such a remote area to the cities and attend a personal interview. Due to coordination restraints, some of the opportunities might have been faded for such applicants.

Some of the people might have quit their jobs with the hope of getting a job after certification and take a considerable amount of loan. For those type of people, life is inconceivable. Because the monthly income from salary might have been reduced and the bank might be started charging the EMIs every month. For them, life is incredibly challenging, and every day is a restless night because of the amount they have spent on preparation. They would be praying every day, that any type of SAP job is OK, and even they are ready to conciliate in terms of salary. The managers who really can assess these applicants may benefit out of the salary negotiations. Those applicants who are sincerely looking for a break into the market may not be much worried about the salary, and eventually, this turns to be a heaven for the employers.

Let us think you have made everything you would like to do to receive a job. However, unfortunately, fate, market conditions, luck, economy is not in your favor. You have spent a considerable amount on SAP preparation. You have attended many interviews. Still, you have not got any job offer from any organization. What are the things you must focus on after passing for your SAP Certification?

1. Make an Updated CV

As soon as you have achieved SAP Certification, take 2 – 3 days rest, which you need, this would make your mind rejuvenate. Then prepare updated CV, you must focus on the following points while updating your CV.

a) Describe your SAP knowledge or skills you have acquired.
b) If you have worked on any SAP project, or you have end-user experience/core team member experience, write down accurately what type of essential tasks that you have carried out
c) Try to give more importance to SAP Skills than your earlier non-SAP skills
d) Always try to show a constructive attitude and compliance to learn qualities
e) Utilize your SAP Certification logo that you have acquired from SAP Education Team

2. Improve The Quality Of Your Networking

You do not know who will help you or direct you. Everybody is looking like an expert in their profession. You must have improved your listening skills for receiving the best and improved advice. You may take complete advantage of different social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, etc. First and foremost, you should utilize the influence of Linkedin and update all your achievements, SAP certifications, experiences, etc.

Furthermore, stay in touch with HR consultants who are hiring skilled SAP certified professionals. Also, regularly view job portal sites and various reputed companies’ websites. It would also be helpful if you can send your CVs to the companies through employee reference rather than directly applying for the job on their website, as thousands of people might be submitting their CV and they might not have any time to explore those.

3. Read and Practice Daily

As soon as you are SAP certified professional, your responsibility will be increased, and you should need to keep the habit of reading. There are many platforms, from where you can acquire a lot of knowledge and information. Consistently reading from important sites will provide you an up to date knowledge. This will not only enhance the experience but also make you familiar with what is happening with advanced technologies in the SAP arena. In addition to this, regularly practice on the system. The best way to practice is to obtain the documents and configure them. You have business process documents, configuration, and presentations for diverse industries/countries. The number of times you are configuring them, you will become more confident. No experience can substitute you a real execution of the project. However, these guides will help gain tremendous hands-on experience and keep you ready for the next assignment.

4. Keep Attending Interviews

An interview is a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, and every interview is different in its way expectations. There would be no need to worry, even if an interview didn’t go well. There could be various grounds why an interview has gone well, and it is not necessarily relating to your skills and knowledge. However, each interview would allow you to know the expectations and what type of questions are expected. These interviews would enable you to revive your knowledge and better qualified for the next interviews. Usually, your confidence will be built from the interview number one to interview number five or so on, as you might be perceiving the level of expectations from the interviews. At some time point, you would reach a platform that you are going to influence the interviewers. This is almost like a driving test, wherein only a few lucky people can pass in the first attempt, but others have to try a little more attempts. Persistence is the key here.

5. Do not Give Up your Passion and Hard work

The most important thing you must remember is you have achieved SAP certification not just for job and money, but keeping up your passion for SAP. If you trust in your love and hard work for SAP exam preparation, the money will follow. Even after getting the job, you should always maintain the same interest and intensity on SAP. This intensity and enthusiasm to learn will always put you ahead in getting the new skills and expertise areas. Energy and passion for learning more and more features in SAP is the key to success. Please remember that the skills are not acquired overnight. It demands years and years of continuous hard work to get to a master level. The kind of projects you are working will also endure a crucial part in promptly developing skills. Working on a few ends to end implementation projects may give you more overview of the system than working on a few years of support project. Whatever be the project, be pro-active, and accept every challenge as an opportunity and try to help your co-workers and share knowledge. This is the key to your success.

Top Highest Paying SAP Certifications:

SAP is the most robust Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) nowadays. Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing or SAP comes with a broad range of distinctive software, which presents over the edge business solutions by employing a re-engineering software incorporated within the system.

SAP is extremely popular that it is executed by many organizations within many industry, for their everyday business operations.

Top Highest Paying SAP Certifications

  1. SAP S/4HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)
  2. SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
  3. SAP PP (Production Planning)
  4. SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)
  5. SAP BI (Business Intelligence)

Before you opt for any SAP certification, you should gain overall Business Process Understanding. If you have industry-specific business process knowledge, then its nothing but a added benefit. For example, if you wish to choose for Materials Management, then preferably you should have understanding about Procurement, Vendor evaluation, Inventory Management, etc. processes. Similarly, Sales and Distribution Sales Processes, converting prospects into clients, Pricing and Discounts, making good available to the Client, i.e., shipment options, complaints management.

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