MM (Materials Management)

Goods Receipt and Goods Reversal with MM and WM


This is my first document so I will be improving this document based on your feedback. I thought to create this document to share my latest integration expect between WM and MM for Goods receipt and reversal.

I assume that you already configured your WM system and other WM settings required to process the goods receipt using inbound deliveries.

MM and WM Integration

Master Data- You must have WM views created for material master

Master Data Used in this process

– Material Master

– Vendor Master

– Info Records (Optional)

– Storage Bins- Storage Bins is master data for managing stocks in WM

Key Document Definitions

Purchase Order– Legal document issued to vendor to supply goods or services. In this case goods

Inbound Delivery– Notification for shipping or Notification receiving of goods

Transfer Order– This is WM document. It is used to give instruction to WM user to perform action. Normally it can be:

  1. Put-away – Means you are receiving the goods and putting them into the Bin and
  2. Picking- Means you are issuing the goods

T-codes and Process

You can have purchase requisition or RFQ that you will process to create purchase order.But you easy understanding I am starting this process from creation of purchase order

1. ME21N- Create Purchase Order- Here we will use Material Master and Vendor Master to create purchase order. If there is release strategy applicable, make sure you release the PO before proceeding to next step

Key Points to taken care

We are going to make use of inbound deliveries for this process. System will only allow you to create inbound delivery on purchase orders if you confirmations mentioned in the purchase order. To create inbound delivery make sure you have confirmation control 0004- Inbound delivery or configured copy of 0004.

Confirmation Tab is available at purchase order item level. Confirmation Control key can mentioned in vendor master or in purchasing info records to populate as default at time of purchase order creation

MM (Materials Management)

This enable you to use VL31N to create the inbound delivery document w.r.t approved purchase order
Notes- Info Record is optional, if you do not have info records system will still allow you to create purchase order.

2. Create Inbound Delivery-VL31N

Inbound delivery is used to provide information about goods receipt. This is not a goods receipt but this can notification from vendors about shipping of goods or intermediate stage before goods receipt is posted.

You can do goods receipt w.r.t. to inbound delivery without using WM.

MM (Materials Management)

Inbound delivery- This is confirmation document that enable business to capture the shipping stage or gate entry as soon material is shipped by the vendor or received at the store gate

Transfer order can be created using

  • Using T-Code-LT0F
  • Using VL06IP-Inbound Deliveries for Put-away. You can also schedule it as background job to create the transfer orders. Program Name-WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_PICK
  • Using Subsequent functions in VL31N/VL32N- can also create the transfer order (see picture below)

MM (Materials Management)

Once Transfer order is created, Next Step is to do confirm the transfer order

Note:- You can use LT21 to display Transfer order

3. Confirmation of Transfer Order T-Code LT12 or using RFGUN

MM (Materials Management)

Press Enter to proceed further

MM (Materials Management)


– IM inventory is updated
– WM Inventory get moved to storage bins from goods receipt interim storage type
– Purchase order history and delivery document flows get updated

Display Document Flow in Delivery- VL33N

MM (Materials Management)

Goods Receipt Reversal Process in WM


– Inbound delivery creation
– Transfer order is confirmed
– Material Document is posted

Cancel the goods movement document for Delivery- VL09

– Enter the delivery number and click on execute button (F8)

MM (Materials Management)

If everything is ok, above message will be displayed- System will open Delivery again and document flow and purchase order history will get updated

Note- Cancellation in VL09 for material document does not create transfer order for reversal


– Inventory from SAP IM get cleared as soon as reversal is posted
– Purchase Order history updated
– Delivery Document flow is updated

Return to Stock from Delivery T-code LT0G

– Enter warehouse number
– Enter Inbound delivery number and click on execute button (F8)

MM (Materials Management)

– Click on button “Return to Stock”

This will return the stock from fixed bins to interim storage type for goods receipt and also create reverse transfer order

– Click on “Log” Button to display transfer order created by LT0G


– Reverse Transfer order is created to clear the inventory from WM

Confirm Transfer Order-LT12

MM (Materials Management)

Click on save button to confirm the transfer order


– Stock will be moved to WM Bin
– Delivery document flow will be updated
– Delivery can be deleted

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