Get Maximum Career Benefit with Sap Service Cloud Exam

Looking for a career in SAP and want to get any associate-level certification?

Then the SAP service cloud C_C4C14_1811 exam is for you. You can become an SAP-certified application associate after passing the C_C4C14_1811 exam. Let’s have a brief idea about the SAP Service Cloud Exam.

Details about SAP Service Cloud Exam:

Name of the Exam: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Service Cloud

Exam Code: C_C4C14_1811

A candidate needs to answer 80 questions in 180 minutes. The passing marks for the exam is 56%.

What is SAP Service Cloud?

SAP Service Cloud, formerly known as SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, is an SAP solution. The solution helps you in facing the problems of digitization and ensures the long-term success of your customer service and, as a result, provides high customer delight.

The service cloud solution is part of the SAP C/4HANA series. C stands for “customer” and therefore focuses primarily on the customer. With SAP Sales Cloud, commerce cloud, and Marketing Cloud, you can build a regular customer experience in e-commerce and relate your marketing, sales, and service departments.

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Key Features of SAP Service Cloud:

Multi-Channel Service Ticketing:

SAP Service Cloud allows you to provide a blended agent experience across all interaction channels, including email, phone, web, and chat.

In-Context Social Collaboration is Achieved:

Use social collaboration tools to leverage, relevant customer information, collective exercise, and crowdsourcing in the context of your accounts and service requests.

Knowledge Base Union:

Provides your service agents with integrated information from your existing knowledge base so they can respond smartly and consistently in real-time.

Service Analytics:

SAP Service Cloud provides managers with powerful analytics and easy-to-use dashboards for real-time insight into your team’s customer service performance.

ERP Integration:

Easy access to real-time back-office information provides insights into customer services. So you become able to make the best possible decisions regarding customer services.

Provide Social Customer Services:

Engage with customers via social media. Twitter and Facebook are two great platforms to help them quickly resolve their service queries.

Self-Service Customer Portal:

Allow your customers a more excellent choice and the ability to take control of their service issues from a branded, self-service support portal.

On a Whole Level SAP Service Cloud Offers You:

  • Contextual information management
  • Collaboration and knowledge management
  • Guaranteed agreement with the latest data protection guidelines
  • Mobility and maximum usability
  • Self-Service portals
  • Comprehensive analysis and report functionalities
  • Provides easy solution connected to the central SAP backend

What are the Benefits that You Get by Implementing SAP Service Cloud:

  • Excellent customer relations and thus satisfied customers
  • Lower processing times and costs
  • Motivated employees
  • Optimized/higher solution rates
  • Efficient turnover and cost planning
  • Additional cross-selling and upselling opportunities

How SAP Service Cloud helps in managing customer data?

  • SAP Service Cloud is the advanced SAP CRM solution for your customer service processes. Earlier it was known as SAP Hybris Service cloud and used to assist you in fulfilling your after-sales services.
  • With the service cloud, your customer service profits from a cross-channel insight into all customer request keyword. The service cloud is not only the ideal solution for professional ticket management but also for field service management and call centers.
  • SAP Service Cloud Management offers you the professional planning of field service technicians, vehicles, tools, and materials. The integration of your Warehouse Management or ERP system helps you avoid difficult double work for your employees, and your stocks are always up-to-date.
  • With the SAP Service Cloud solution, your field service technicians profit from a mobile application. You can set all steps of an order from time recording to route planning, and restoring of work instructions to invoicing. All your customers also  In this way, your customers will benefit from a high first-time fix rate and efficient processes.
  • The service cloud permits efficient knowledge management as all customer data is accessible for all fields on one single platform. Your service employees and technicians work in a networked way and always with updated data on a real-time basis to support the smooth and hassle-free customer experience.
  • The service cloud is far more than a simple ticket system or a case management solution. Because in Service Cloud, all data arrives centrally in its CRM system. Therefore an overall view of your customers and their buying history is readily available.
  • All data is saved securely and centrally in the cloud or is still usable via on-premise installations. The data is accessible both online and offline and utterly independent of your service employee’s place or device.
  • As a result, the field service employees can also perform their tasks optimally, for instance, via mobile devices, and have all current data available quickly. With just one click, they can see that the customer is using which product and identify in advance which spare parts or tools are needed on site.
  • Detailed reports and analyses are accessible in the service cloud as well. They inform on important KPIs, such as the volume of the tickets, response times, processing duration. The reports enable you and your team managers to keep a comprehensive overview of the performance of your service team and to recognize improvement potentials at an early stage.

What are the Benefits a Person Gets Using SAP Service Cloud?

  • Crowd service functions and predictive maintenance is possible.
  • Efficient ticket management is done using AI technology
  • Planning of field material, vehicles, field sales force, material, vehicles, and tools within field service management.
  • Top usability: convenient mobile or desktop working
  • Self-service functions for your customers
  • Central knowledge management and database integration
  • Integration of social media channels in your customer service methods
  • Online and Offline Mobile app for field sales force (also offline)
  • Optimal integration in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP
  • Performance analyses in real-time for your customer service

Final Words:

SAP certifications are valued worldwide. Among all SAP certifications, SAP Service Crowd is widely used for business purposes and providing complete customer satisfaction. So getting the SAP SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Service Cloud 1811 certification could be

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