Extending US 1099 & 1042S DRC Reports – New Selection Screen Parameters

US 1099 and 1042S reports in SAP Document and Reporting Compliance – Statutory Reporting framework(formerly known as Advanced Compliance Reporting – ACR) enables customers to complete their annual IRS reportings and remain legally compliant with all the new legal changes round the year.

It provides a limited number of selection screen parameters like Company Code, Reporting Date & Supplier number and takes care of including all the reporting relevant documents without the need of any manual effort. Additionally, customers may want to filter the documents based on some more parameters based on their business preferences. This is where, the extensibility features of the framework can be leveraged to adapt the standard reports and create custom reports to fulfill the business specific requirements.

In this blog post, I will cover a simple way to extend the standard US 1099 MISC report (US_WHT_1099MISC) and add new selection screen parameters for filtering the reported documents based on “Withholding Tax Type”

*All the snapshots are taken from SAP S/4HANA 2021 OP system.

1. Extending the standard US report definition

1.1 Open “Define Compliance Reports” App

Define Compliance Reports

1.2 Create a new report definition

Select the tab “Report Definition” and click on “Add” button to create new report definition.

Create new report definition

1.3 Extend the standard US 1099 MISC report definition

Create a new enhanced mode report by extending the existing report definition (US_WHT_1099_MISC_V1).

Extend Standard Report Definition

The Z report definition has been created with reference to the standard report definition. All the existing attributes have been copied to the Z report with the status “Inherited”

You can change the description to avoid any confusion with the standard report during execution.

Z Report Definition : ZUS_WHT_1099_MISC_V1

2. Create new selection screen parameter

Click on the Add button under the “Parameter Definition” section to create new selection screen parameters.

Add new parameter

Give the following details for the new parameter: Withholding Tax Type.

Attribute Value 
Organizational Unit?  No 
Data Element  WITHT 
Search Help  DMC_SH_WITHT 
Exporting Search Help Parameter  WITHT 
Multiple Selection  Yes 
Optional  Yes 
Hidden  No 
Read Only   No 

The new parameter has been added with the Inheritance status as “New”

New Parameters

3. Add new parameters to the filters in the query definition

3.1 Go the query definition section

Query Definition

3.2 Select the query “DOC_SEL”

Query Definition : DOC_SEL

3.3 Go to the “Filters” section and the activate the filter for “WithholdingTaxType”

Filter for the Query

The available fields shown in the above snapshot are the fields exposed in the given query definition(CDS View: C_US_STRPWHLDGTAXITEMCUBE)

3.4 Map the filter condition to the new selection parameter

Attribute Value 
Data Source Dropdown Report Parameter
Operator Equals


Filter Condition for Withholding Tax Type

Save draft and activate the report definition.

Note: Withholding Tax type field was already exposed in the DOC_SEL query. So, I was able to directly map the filter conditions to the report parameter. If business requirement is for a parameter which is not yet exposed in the standard DOC_SEL query.

4. Extending the standard US report category

4.1 Open “Define Compliance Reports” App

Define Compliance Reports App

4.2 Create a new report category

Select the tab “Report Category” and click on “Add” button to create new report category.

Create new report category

4.3 Extend the standard US 1099 MISC report category

Select the checkbox for extending an existing report category.

Extend Standard Report Category

The Z report category has been created with reference to the standard report category. All the existing attributes have been copied with the status “Inherited”

Z Report Category ZUS_WHT_1099MISC

4.4 Assign the Z report definition as a new activity

Click on Assign button under the section “Reporting Activity”

Create new activity with the details of the new Z report definition as follows:

Attribute Value 
Type Report Definition
Key ZUS_WHT_1099_MISC_V1_S
Description US 1099 Misc Reporting [EXTENSION]
Group <blank>
Phase Declaration
Submission Mode Only manual submission is possible
Valid From 01.01.2022
Valid To <blank>
Earliest Possible Date <blank>

New Activity

Verify and Activate the report category.

Now, you can execute your custom report using the standard report category name from the Run Compliance Reports app.

Extended Report Category in Run Compliance App