Excel in SAP Certification Exam with these Effective Study Techniques

Studying for the SAP certification exam seems intimidating in the beginning. You may have many months ahead of you to finish your entire syllabus. But the question is, how are you going to study for your exam?

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Effective learning is more than joining for class and reading from a book from time to time. Most successful applicants become successful by producing and practicing intelligent, efficient study habits. These study habit will be beneficial while you’re learning, and will also benefit you when you start your new SAP career.

So what kind of study habits you need to score well in your SAP exams. To crack the SAP certification, you need to study smarter, not harder. Regular study habits that help you not only read but remember and moreover understand the concepts, the information is given are the ones that will take you through learning with the most amount of retention is the most powerful. Here are some to get you started.

What Type of Learner Are You?

The best study time is when you’re active and alert. If you can study well in the morning for you, and you consider yourself a morning person’. If you’re more of an “evening person,” you should spend time in the evening for effective studying.

A daily routine for studying sets out the time in your day. To study efficiently and helps you keep up the habit, make a practical study plan. Delaying may be easy for just one day, but that should not become a habit. Sticking to your studying schedule will help you learn the subject matter and become more successful with it.

Study from Books

Books always have been an excellent resource for any exam. Learning from books makes you understand the topics thoroughly. And it will also help you take more effective notes. You can also note down questions if you’re unclear on some of the topics.

Study from Videos

To study videos, you need to be a good listener. There are many platforms available which provide the best videos for SAP certification exam preparation. But one of our most significant obstructions can prevent you from learning is your phone.

Checking email, texting, and otherwise, not paying attention isn’t helpful to listen. Listening carefully helps you both understand the subject and take useful notes.

Hint: Learning to take notes now is a skill you’ll practice later in your SAP career. You’ll require listening and good note-taking for meetings, too.

Study Regularly

“Cramming” isn’t an adequate study method. Studying regularly is an excellent way to not only study a lot of information but understand it and remember it as well. Having a regular study routine generates a commitment to study that will also help you to progress in your career.

Revise from your notes within 24 hours of learning it. You could forget as much as of 80% what you have studied.

Persistence is the key to not only getting started but staying on path as your learning—and your career development. Repetitive exposure to the study topics helps to remember it in the long-term, with repetition being a major factor in reviving.

Choose a time where you can completely concentrate on your studying, whether it’s after dinner or early morning. Consider the rest of your time, and what liabilities you have to equalize.

Of course, there are times when life surpasses your study schedule. If something stands in the way, get back to your usual study times as quickly as you can.

Find a Study Partner for SAP Certification Preparation

Working with other students is an excellent way to discuss your study topics and acquire help when you require it. Being together with like-minded people is always a fabulous way to learn more by working with others who are involved in the same thing, such as determining the basics of SAP. By discussing the information and making contact with others, you’ll strengthen your understanding and improve your knowledge of the subject matter.

Facebook and other social media are loaded with many groups from where you can find like-minded people to study with. You can also come in interaction with other SAP aspirants using Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and other video chat services that let you meet online if in-person meetings don’t carry out.

The Pomodoro Technique

This simple productivity technique is excellent for students. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique presented by Francesco Cirillo. The method practices a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Wikipedia

The technique is simple:

  • Determine what you need to complete; make a list, if required
  • Spare your timer for a particular interval (usually 25 minutes, you may wish to longer durations like 55 minutes for studying)
  • Work on the topic without a break, or being attentive to anything but what you’re doing.

Check off your learning as done

  1. Take a small break (no longer than 5 minutes) and come back to studying/working, and put your timer for another 55 minutes, and check off if the task is done.
  2. After four checkmarks, take a more extended break, (no longer than 30 minutes) re-set your list to zero, and again start over at step 1 or 2.

The “Pomodoro” part is the time you spend working. Of course, you can practice any time you have, comprising one in your smartphone. Just stick with the time limit, work on only one task, and outline everything else that can divert you. Keep your breaks short and come back to work as they completed. Phone Calls, Facebook, and other distractions can wait until your next break, or until you’ve accomplished your study schedule.

Understand Your Study Mojo

The best means of study are the ones that you use continuously and work well for you. Over time, you may develop your ways of studying that suit your routine, such as a little study time on your lunch hour, if you’re already ha.

It’s also essential not to give up, and continue the learning until you have a good grasp on all the topics. It’s challenging at first, but once you get started, you’ll be able to study more efficiently, retain more, and learn better. That interprets into better test scores, better grades, and ultimately, a great career.

Enroll for Your SAP Certification Today

SAP certified professionals are in high demand and hiring managers are yelling to hire the best. But in order for them to understand that you are the best, you must introduce yourself that way. Apart from the necessary certifications, your soft skills must be able to present you as an SAP expert.

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