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EWM Inspection lot generation & Processing of EWM inspection lots in S/4 HANA 1809

1. Purpose:

This blog explains the process of inspection lot generation for EWM inspection types, Result recording, Usage decision and limitations for EWM inspection types in S/4 HANA 1809.

2. Introduction:

As discussed in earlier configuration doc, we must do relevant configuration for QM with EWM integration and, we must activate the inspection types for material in QM view of Material master and inspection rule for the warehouse where goods receipts happen.

3. Execution:

In the case of incoming goods, the execution Process starts with Creation of PO, Inbound delivery creation with Packing in S/4 HANA, Inbound delivery processing with put away in EWM then results recording and usage decision in S/4 HANA(ERP), Which makes the stock type changes in S/4 HANA(ERP) as well as in EWM.

In the case of Manufacturing Materials, Inbound delivery will be generated during the confirmation of Production order/ Process order if it is Auto GR process. If the process is not following Auto GR, then inbound delivery will be generated while GR through T- MIGO.

In both the cases, we should have inbound delivery to do GR which will generate the Inspection lot. Here I am going to explain the inspection process for the inspection lot generated from inspection type 1701

Above, I mentioned few steps in S/4 HANA(ERP) and few steps in EWM, the reason behind this is even though S/4 HANA 1809 contain EWM in same box as embedded EWM but S/4 HANA(ERP) and EWM work as two different instances that means both work as two different systems where data flow happens between S/4 HANA (ERP) and EWM.

3.1 Purchase order creation (ME21N):

Since we are using the incoming goods for inspection lot processing, we must create the PO for the Material.

PO 4500000245 created for the Material QM_2000 which is activated with 1701 inspection type.

3.2 Inbound Delivery Creation (VL31N):

Enter Transaction Code VL31N, System will open the below screen.

Enter PO Number and press enter. System will open the below screen. Here Quantity will be copied from PO. It can be changed based on actual receiving quantity. Batch number and Supplier batchalso need to enter here itself.

Select the line item and follow the path MORE —> EDIT —> PACK. Click on pack so that system expect you to do packing by entering the packaging Material. Automatic packing also can be done by Maintaining packaging specification for the Material. Here I am doing the packing manually that means without packaging specification.

Enter the packaging Material and proceed for packing by selecting the Handling unit (HU) and Material followed by clicking on “PACK” Icon. Once clicking on “PACK” Icon, packing will happen as below then save it.

Once you save, Inbound delivery generated in S/4 HANA (ERP) and same will be distributed to EWM.

Note: Packing for the PO Quantity can be either in S/4 HANA as mentioned above or it can be done in EWM through Transaction /SCWM/PRDI once the inbound delivery disturbed to EWM.

3.3 Inbound Delivery Processing and Final put away (/SCWM/PRDI):

Once Inbound delivery distributed to EWM, we must do GR to generate the inspection lot. To do this, we must follow the below Process.

Enter the T-code /SCWM/PRDI, system will open below screen. Here Select “Logistic Execution delivery” and enter the inbound delivery which was generated in previous step and then execute.

Select the line item, follow below path and click on “Warehouse Task”


Here system show the Warehouse request details. Click on handling units so that system shows the HU details. Select HU line item/items, click on create+ save so that system will create the Warehouse order.

During the creation of warehouse order, system pop up the information message “Preparing for Quality inspection” at bottom.

Once warehouse order created, follow the below path and confirm the warehouse order.


Select the line item and click on CONFRIM + SAVE Icon.

Once warehouse order confirmed, Status changed to “Confirmed” and put away function will be carried out and stock will be posted Quality inspection stock.

3.4 Verification of the stock before processing of the inspection lot

In S/4 HANA, we can check the stock status through Transaction-MMBE. Since the Material is activated with 1701 inspection type stock should be posted in QI Stock.

In EWM, we can check the stock status through warehouse Monitor i.e /SCWM/MON as below. Since the Material activated with 1701 inspection type stock should be posted in Q4 Stock, which Stock in QI in Warehouse. Here you can get the inspection lot associated with this batch.

Sometimes system shows the stock details in EWM, but it may not show in S/4 HANA(ERP). The reason for this inconsistency is Queue stuck between these two systems (i.e S/4 HANA & EWM). In such case, we must process those documents through transaction SMQ2. As I mentioned in earlier S/4 HANA 1809 contains EWM as embedded part of same box, but both acts as two different instances so sometimes the flow of the documents between these two systems stuck in Queue.

3.5 Result recording (QA32/QE01)

Pick the inspection lot number from Warehouse monitor or pick from inspection lot list in QA32, and do the results recording.

3.6 Usage decision (QA32/Q11)

After results recording, Do the usage decision for the inspection lot. Based on the UD code selection while Usage decision, system select the Follow up action which was assigned to that UD code in configuration.

Here follow up action EWM_A, assigned to UD code A1 in configuration so that system will automatically select that follow up action. Each follow up action contains relevant function module which will post the stock automatically after Usage decision. This posting of stock happens in background.

3.7 Verification of the stock after usage decision of the inspection lot

In S/4 HANA, we can check the stock status through Transaction-MMBE. Since UD Code’s follow up action is “Put away to Final Storage Bin”, system posted the stock to unrestricted stock from QI Stock. Same way system posted the stock from all HU which are associated with that inspection lot to FF stock from Q4 stock in EWM.

4. Limitation of EWM inspection types in S/4 HANA 1809:

Below are limitaions in S/4 HANA 1809 for EWM inspection types

  • Manual inspection lot creation through QA01 Not supported by S/4 HANA 1809.
  • System will not support transferring of Q4 stock from one storage location to another storage location through QAC2.
  • Inspection lot quantity change can’t be done through QAC1.

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