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Sameer’s zeal to work with SAP ASE made him discover and review the C_TADM54_75 practice test positively at supported him during his C_TADM54_75 preparation, and the practice test aided in his success.

Overview of the C_TADM54_75 Certification:

The SAP BASIS exam is 80 questions long and needs to get a 59% mark to pass the exam. A candidate faces multiple-choice and multiple-response-based questions in the exam.

The C_TADM54_75 or the SAP Certified Technology Associate-System Administration (SAP ASE) with NetWeaver 7.5 certification exam confirms that the candidate has the knowledge to assist clients and employers manage and execute critical business operations. Preparing for the C_TADM54_75 exam means getting armed with the understanding of SAP system administration, and the certificate is proof that the candidate can implement this knowledge practically in SAP projects.

What Is the C_TADM54_75 Exam Structure?

The C_TADM54_75 exam is 80 questions long and a candidate needs to get a 59% mark to pass the exam. The candidates can expect multiple-choice and multiple-response based. A candidate needs up-to-date training and knowledge to pass the exam.

What Are the Topics Covered under the C_TADM54_75 Syllabus?

A candidate needs to study the following areas-

  • System Administration AS Java
  • User Administration (AS ABAP and/or AS Java)
  • Browser-based UI (Administrative Tasks)
  • SAP System Concepts
  • System Administration AS ABAP
  • Installation and Patching SAP Systems
  • Transport Management
  • SAP Fiori (Fundamentals and Administration)
  • Database Administration

Sameer’s Strategy to Pass the Exam:

  • Sameer started preparing for the C_TADM54_75 exam three months before the test. It was his suggestion to candidates to register first, as it enhances the seriousness towards the preparation. Once your money is involved in the preparation, the approach certainly becomes serious. Therefore, register first and get ready for the preparation. His tip to every aspirant was to take ample time before jumping to the exam. Few people may take the associate level certification to be easier, but still, they need to take at least two months to get ready.
  • Whatever study method you follow, completion of the syllabus is a must. Sameer focused on the syllabus topics and wrote a chart to cover specific topics within a certain time. He never wasted time deciding the topics. He was very sure about his daily targets and suggested other candidates do the same. Review: Easy Success with C_S4EWM_1909 Practice Test

  • Time management is very important during C_TADM54_75 exam preparation. Sameer is an early riser, so he devoted early hours in the morning to study. His suggestion for every candidate is to discover their most productive time of the day and utilize it properly for exam preparation. A candidate must fix the study hours and should devote at least two-three hours daily for exam preparation. Sameer suggested any future aspirant study regularly and complete small syllabus sections daily for better results.
  • Attending training plays an important role. Sameer joined the SAP training and gained some practical knowledge as well as theoretical concepts with better clarity during SAP training.
  • His last and foremost step was practicing with the C_TADM54_75 premium practice test at He was skeptical about using premium practice tests, but the reviews of successful candidates gave him the power to take the test. He started with sample questions at The quality of the questions gained his trust, and he took the scope of taking the mock exam before jumping to the preparation. Once again, he was not disappointed and decided his mind to prepare for the practice exam.
  • Regarding practice, Sameer has one more tip for candidates. Many candidates focus more on scoring higher from the beginning and get frustrated when they can’t score high. Sameer advised that those candidates should take the practice test as an only evaluation tool and work more on the areas they lack according to the result section.

Bottom Line:

There is no doubt about the value of SAP C_TADM54_75 certification. SAP associate-level certifications are always the great first step to boost your career. Therefore, get inspired by the success of Sameer and choose the correct material to earn your success.

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