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E_ACTCLD_21 Exam: SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager | How to Pass it On Your First Attempt?

E_ACTCLD_21, or the SAP Certified Specialist – SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager, practice tests focus on the real exam-like questions and help a candidate earn success on the first attempt.

Overview of the E_ACTCLD_21 Exam:

SAP Certified Specialist – SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager, E_ACTCLD_21 certification exam talks about the candidate’s knowledge needed to work in SAP project management.

What Skills Do the Project Managers Earn after the E_ACTCLD_21 Certification?

The E_ACTCLD_21 exam confirms that SAP Cloud-focused project managers have advanced business skills and the knowledge to apply tools and methodologies. The E_ACTCLD_21 certification also confirms that the project manager is versed in managing internal and external stakeholders, has fundamental knowledge of change management processes, and communicates these processes to others. They also possess higher-level communication and presentation skills.

What Else Is Confirmed through the E_ACTCLD_21 Certification?

This E_ACTCLD_21 exam confirms that the project manager can successfully manage the end-to-end transition from Sales to Realization, create roadmaps for project execution, and understand the testing and quality management. In particular, for SAP Cloud-related projects, the E_ACTCLD_21 exam confirms that the Project Manager can apply the SAP Activate methods.

What Is the E_ACTCLD_21 Exam Structure?

The E_ACTCLD_21 exam is a 40 questions long, multiple-choice exam, and the total time is 90 minutes to take the exam. A candidate should get a 65% mark or above to pass the E_ACTCLD_21 exam.

Topics Covered under the E_ACTCLD_21 Exam Syllabus:

The E_ACTCLD_21 exam deals with the following topics-

  • SAP Activate Overview
  • Agile Project Planning
  • Workstreams Overview
  • SAP Activate Elements
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Cloud example – New Implementation SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

Study Guide to Crack the E_ACTCLD_21 Exam on First Attempt:

Gain Clarity on the Exam Objectives:

A candidate should be clear about what he wants to learn during the E_ACTCLD_21 exam preparation. SAP syllabus of the specialist level exam requires special devotion to cover, therefore make out your schedule and make an effort to learn the syllabus topics. Syllabus completion should be done in a planned manner. Choose the topics for daily study and cover them one by one. Write down the essential topics and memorize the topics for a longer time.

Join the Training:

SAP training plays an essential role in boosting the candidate’s knowledge by offering practical support regarding the exam. Studying for the exam is a theoretical approach, but learning the practical things boosts exam preparation.

Don’t Rush to Take the Exam:

The E_ACTCLD_21 exam is a specialist-level exam from SAP. Therefore, whatever qualification you possess, take ample time and get ready for the exam. Rushing for the exam could lead you to face difficulties in the exam.

Assess Yourself through E_ACTCLD_21 Practice Test:

Focus more on practicing and assessing your performance. It is highly suggested to evaluate your performance. A candidate can enroll for the trusted E_ACTCLD_21 practice test and assess their preparation level.  The aspirant gets valuable insights into his preparation level through the practice test results. One must follow the guidance and act accordingly to improve the sections they lack.

Overview of SAP Cloud:

SAP Cloud Platform is more than a solution for customers to program new apps. The solution also talks about things like integration and life-cycle management and comes with predefined templates that aid customers in the transition to the intelligent business world of tomorrow.

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What Are the Benefits of Using SAP Cloud?

Faster Deployment of Preconfigured Services and Applications:

Organizations have access to multiple ranges of preconfigured business services with SAP Cloud. Customers can now create and make innovative applications in next to zero time at all. The aspirants can also have partner-built solutions and apps at the push of a button on the platform, using ready-made application elements and integrated functions for authentication and provisioning. It means they also earn benefits from the ever-growing SAP ecosystem.

Have Flawless Integration of Existing Solutions and Hybrid System Landscapes:

SAP Cloud Platforms not only ensure the smooth exchange between core SAP systems and SAP’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. The SAP HANA Data Management Suite and SAP Data Hub solution tools likewise blend flawlessly. The blending makes it possible for users to call up data from disparate systems and solutions in the blink of an eye. Consequently, SAP Cloud Platform provides heterogeneous solutions and hybrid system landscapes together under one system.

Get Simple Development of Native Business Functions:

SAP Cloud Platform solution is dependent on open standards and offers IT experts a range of development possibilities and tools. Programmers can use their existing ABAP know-how with agile methods and DevOps principles to make new business services and apps. SAP Cloud Platform focuses exclusively on the business logic for new applications and methods.

Bottom Line:

Getting the E_ACTCLD_21 certification could be prestigious, as the certification is of specialist level and opens up multiple facilities for the holder. Study hard and carve a successful future.