Document Generation and Roadmap

you’ve landed on this page because you are looking for Roadmap details for Document Generation and don’t really know where else to look. Maybe you’ve done a search on “Roadmap” and this page came up as part of the search results. Maybe you are bored and are looking through all SCN or Jam Groups where you have access and you saw the word “Roadmap” as part of the content? Or maybe you were just hoping that finally someone could tell you where you can find Roadmap details?

Well, I may not have all the answers to your Roadmap questions but I can give you a couple of things:

1. Where are Roadmaps normally kept?
2. Where can I find information about Document Generation Roadmaps?

So, for 1., we publish Roadmaps to the wider world via

SAP SF puts out the Roadmap information here: –> Scroll down to find the entry “SuccessFactors HCM Suite Product Road Maps”.
SuccessFactors have Product and not Solution Roadmaps.

As of this blog, the latest HCM Suite Roadmap is available here:

So, to answer 2. now, lets look at the roadmap.

Page 99 of of the current roadmap shows that document generation was introduced with the Q3 release 2015. Innovations planned include ESS, MSS,mass generation and scenarios for Benefits. Longer term items include Digital Signature. Now you know where you can keep up to date on Document Management. And using the roadmaps, you can keep up to date on the entire HCM Suite.