How to define Schema Determination

Determination of calculation schema is a customizing activity.

You have to assign a pricing procedure to a schema group purchasing organization / schema group vendor combination.

Settings are located in Define schema determination option.

How to define Schema Determination

Step 1) Choose Determination Calculation schema for Standard Purchase Orders.

How to define Schema Determination

Step 2)

  1. Choose schema group for purchasing organization.
  2. Choose schema group for vendor.
  3. Choose calculation schema to be assigned to the schema group combination.

    Let’s analyze two records on this screen.

  1. In case 1, we have chosen default schema group for purchasing organization (first field is empty), also, default schema group for vendor (second field is empty), for this combination of both default schema groups, we assigned a RM0000 (Purchasing document – Big) calculation schema.
  2. In case 2, we have chosen schema group for purchasing organization as 0001, and schema group for vendor as 01, and assigned an RM1000 calculation schema to the combination.

How to define Schema Determination

How does it work?

Let’s say that we have a purchase organization 0001 with blank (default) schema group assigned to it, and a purchase organization 0002 with schema group 0001 assigned to it (not default).

We also have a vendor 1 with assigned schema group as blank (default), and vendor 2 with schema group defined as 01 (not default).

  • In case we are creating a purchase order through purchasing group 0001 for vendor 1, our calculation schema is going to be determined as RM0000.
  • If we are creating a PO for vendor 2 through purchasing organization 0001, calculation schema RM1000 will be determined.
  • If we are creating a PO for any of the two vendors in purchasing organization 0002, in both cases there will be determined calculation schema RM1000.

    The below table clarifies the calculation schema determination.

Vendor 1 Default (blank) RM0000 RM1000
Vendor 2 01 RM1000 RM1000
Default (blank) 0001 PURCH.ORG.SCH.GRP.
Purchasing Organization 0001 Purchasing Organization 0002 PURCHASING ORGANIZATION

You are done. Your pricing procedure is now fully functional.

You can use some advanced features like condition exclusions, copy control, define limits for condition types etc.