Define Functional Area

Definition of Functional Area in SAP :- Functional Area is a organisational unit in accounting that classifies the expenses of an organisation by functions.

Uses of Functional Area :-
The Functional area in SAP is use to create P&L A/C in Financial Accounting using cost of sales accounting and used to analyse the cost of sales accounting
Examples of Functional Area are :-

  • Administration
  • sales and distribution
  • Manufacture
  • Production
  • Research and development

    Steps for the Creation of Functional Area in SAP

Transaction code :- OKBD

SAP Menu Path :– SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Company Code > Cost of Sales Accounting > Activate Cost of Sales Accounting for Preparation

Step 1 :– Enter T-Code OKBD in the commend filed

Define Functional Area

Step 2 :– In the Next screen Click New Entries

Define Functional Area

Step 3 :- Enter four digits Functional area code in the Functional Area column and update names of the Functional Areas.

Define Functional Area

Thus Functional Areas ADPR, ADSO are created in SAP.