How To Create Sales Document Type

Sales Document Types.

Sales Documents Types is a 2 character indicator, by which system process different documents in different way.SAP provides many standard sales document type. Sales documents types are used in-

  • Pre – sales activities (inquiry /quotation ).
  • Sales Order.
  • Sales Contract.
  • Customer Complaint.

    In Sales order there are three levels –

  1. Header level data
  2. Item level data
  3. Schedule level data

    In SAP several standard sales documents types are available.We can create custom sales document type by T-code-VOV8.

Create Internal No. Range for sales document type.

VN01 is T- code for creation for Internal No. range. We will use this internal no. in step-3.

  1. Enter T-code VN01 in command field in a new sap session.
  2. Click on Create button for interval .

How To Create Sales Document Type

  1. Click on +Interval Button to create new interval range.
  2. Enter From number / To number / current number / leave blank Ext which stands for External Number Range.
  3. Click on save button.

How To Create Sales Document Type

A Message “The changes were saved” is displayed.

How To Create Sales Document Type


  1. T-code for sales documents type is VOV8.
  2. Sales document types list.

How To Create Sales Document Type


To Create new Sales document type click on How To Create Sales Document Type

  • Enter sales document type .
  • Enter sales document categ from possible entries list.
    This screen have multiple section as above-
  1. Number System
  2. General Control
  3. Transaction Flow
  4. Scheduling Agreement
  5. Shipping
  6. Billing
  7. Requested Delivery Date
  8. Contract
  9. Availability Check

How To Create Sales Document Type

We will enter data in Number System / General control / Transaction flow / Shipping Section.

Step-3 Number System

There are two method for define no. range for Sales Document.

  • Internal Assignment – This assignment works internally and number for sales document generate automatically.
  • External Assignment – This assignment works externally. e.g. in below picture number start from 02.

How To Create Sales Document Type

Step-4 General Control

  • Enter value in Check credit limit / Credit group / Output application field from possible value list/ check Item Division / Read info record.

How To Create Sales Document Type

Step-5 Transaction Flow

  • Enter value in screen sequence grp. / transaction group / document pricing procedure.
  • Enter value in field Display range / Fcode / quotation msg. / Outline agreement msg.

How To Create Sales Document Type


  • Enter value in delivery type filed from possible list entry.
  •  Enter ship cost info profile from possible list entry.

How To Create Sales Document Type

Step-7 Click on Save Button.

A Message “Data was saved”.

How To Create Sales Document Type