Create, Copy & Delete Payment Medium Formats on SAP S/4HANA

You can create and set up a new Payment Medium Formats if you need a custom file format or there are no formats available for a bank/country or region. The goal of this article is to explain to you the process of creating, copying or deleting Payment Medium Formats in detail.

Creating a Format

First of all, the user needs to be logged as independent cross-client. After that, call transaction OBPM1 SAP delivered Payment Medium Format. There are two ways to create a new Payment Medium Format

  • Choose New Entries
  • Choose Copy As…

In both cases, start the name of the newly created Payment Medium Format with symbol slash (/). Please note that if you use symbol Z (as it was a rule in the past), the warning message appears.

If you choose New Entries…

… you can create a new and blank Payment Medium Format. After saving and re-opening newly customized Payment Medium Format, you can add an already existing Format Mapping via field ‘Deviating Format Tree’.

If you choose Copy As…

… you can copy an existing Payment Medium Format including the same functionality, such as its Format Mappings.

Deleting a Format

You can delete all those newly created Payment Medium Formats whose technical names start with slash symbol in transaction OBPM1.

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