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C_HANAIMP_16 Exam: Your Strategy to Pass It In First Try

If you are looking for a strategy to pass the C_HANAIMP_16 Certification, a well planned C_HANAIMP_16 study guide is the need of the hour. Read till the end to gather more about the C_HANAIMP_16 Certification.

What Is Validated through C_HANAIMP_16 Certification?

The C_HANAIMP_16, SAP Certified Application Associate-SAP HANA 2.0 (SPS04), certification exam validates that a candidate has the required knowledge in the SAP HANA 2.0 based on SPS04 for the profile of an SAP HANA application consultant.

  • The C_HANAIMP_16 certification builds on the basic knowledge gained through related SAP HANA training.
  • The certification preferably refines the practical experience within an SAP HANA project team.
  • The C_HANAIMP_16 certification teaches a candidate to apply the consultant applies acquired knowledge in this specialist area practically in projects.

What Is Covered Under the C_HANAIMP_16 Syllabus?

The C_HANAIMP_16 syllabus teaches about different topics like-

  • Secure Data Models  
  • Implement Spatia Graph and Series Data Modeling
  • Implement Text, Predictive and Hierarchy Functions
  • Optimize the Performance of Models  
  • Work with SQL and SQL Script in Models      
  • Manage the Modeling Environment     
  • Configure Modeling Functions    
  • Build Calculation Views      
  • Describe the Architecture and Deployment Scenarios 

What Are the Changes in the C_HANAIMP_16 SPSO4 Version?

Compared to the earlier edition, apart from the release (SPS 03), the source material has not changed, but the relative weight of the topics has:

  • Some topics got upgraded these are
  • SQL and SQLScript in models
  • Model management
  • Architecture and deployment scenarios
  • Downgraded Topics-
  • Text processing and predictive modeling

SAP supplied Virtual Data Models got dropped from the syllabus.

Summary of the Exam:

The C_HANAIMP_16 exam is a 180 minutes long exam and asks 80 questions. A candidate needs to get 64% marks to pass the exam.

How to Prepare for the C_HANAIMP_16 Exam?

Learn from C_HANAIMP_16 Books:

SAP press offers an excellent exam guide for the C_HANAIMP_16 exam. The book is written by Rudi de Louw, although the last available version was for the previous edition (SPS 03). A candidate can read from books like HA100, HA300, and HA301. Preparation for the exam highly depends on the completion of the syllabus areas. In the C_HANAIMP_16 exam, all syllabus areas cover almost equal percentages, so a candidate must devote enough time to grasp the syllabus.

Prepare with Ease:

If a candidate takes at least two months for registration, he can complete the syllabus and prepare well for the C_HANAIMP_16 exam. Making a schedule is important because success depends on strategic planning. A candidate must plan a schedule, but he must follow it religiously to get success in the exam.

Join Training:

SAP provides multiple learning options for the C_HANAIMP_16 exam. If time and budget allow a candidate to attend one training, HA300 would be the best one. But, a candidate needs to study the advanced analytics topics too. Some of the subject areas are covered in openSAP courses available free of cost and in the tutorials on the SAP Development Center. Alternatively, a candidate can take a subscription for the SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub.

Take C_HANAIMP_16 Practice Test:

Practice tests are the best method to know about your preparation level Taking C_HANAIMP_16 practices tests not only give you an insight about your preparation but also makes you familiar with the actual test. Learning your mistakes from premium practice tests and working on them clears the path for success.

How Could You Benefit An Organization with the C_HANAIMP_16 Certification?

The C_HANAIMP_16 certification gives you the power to work with the SAP HANA solution. Using SAP HANA could be beneficial in many areas.    

You Can Handle Bigger Data Easily:

With your knowledge in the C_HANAIMP_16 certification and SAP HANA, your organization is in a much better place to deal, and even go beyond the Big Data trend. A certified candidate will not only be able to process a far greater volume of data but, thanks to changes in the way it’s stored and accessed, the candidate can also be able to make use of a much wider range of data.

Many organizations will realize one day the need to change the way they think about data if they want to keep up with rivals. Many organizations don’t yet see the value in processing tons of unstructured data as bigger Big Data becomes the norm; the ability to find insights at a much more starting level will prove to be invaluable.

The C_HANAIMP_16 Certification Increases Analytical Capacity:

If an organization needs up-to-the-moment information or produces reports that take a long time to generate, SAP HANA can undoubtedly help that organization.

Through your certification knowledge, you can use In-memory technology. That means a candidate will waste no time loading data from one location to another, and it is proved that basic HANA setups process data up to 10-times faster. The feature drastically reduces the amount of time needed to perform even the most comprehensive of reports.

Scalable Solutions Are Offered to A Business by C_HANAIMP_16 Professional:

No organization should aim to stay static. One benefit of migrating to SAP HANA is that, when your needs increase and your business starts growing, an employee can very easily increase the HANA solution’s size.

The C_HANAIMP_16 knowledge Allows to Enjoy the Flexibility of SAP HANA:

One of the most interesting benefits of the SAP HANA solution is its compatibility with other databases, hardware, and software, making it one of the most versatile data solutions available. The certification knowledge can help your team achieve greater analytic capabilities, without giving up the interfaces they trust.

The C_HANAIMP_16 certification allows a candidate to apply these new analytic capabilities across your old systems, allowing them to derive new insights and rethink old assumptions based on misleading data.

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Bottom Line:

SAP associate-level certification like C_HANAIMP_16 could be starting a successful career. A candidate can earn recognition and undoubted career benefit through the C_HANAIMP_16 certification.

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