PLM Project System (PS), MM (Materials Management)

Costing & PR creation from Easy Cost Planning – SAP PS

This post is regarding the functionality of ECP in sap ps.

Below we will highlight – Costing & PR creation from Easy Cost Planning – SAP PS

STEP1 – Creation of Characteristics

  • Create characteristics, transaction CT04.
  • In my case, I have created 3, as below.

STEP 2 – Creation of Costing Model

  • Run transaction CKCM, enter the controlling area
  • Press the create button, enter text.
  • The first point will be adding characteristics, as below
  • Char’s will appear as in “Structure the model entry screen”
  • Click on “Define the derivation rules(template)” below screen will appear
  • Here I have added 3 materials, with Characteristics added under Column “Quantity”
  • The intention is to use a planning form for quantity declaration of the materials

STEP 3 – ECP in CJ20N for Costing and PR Generation

  • Go to CJ20N, open the project
  • Select WBSE & click on the button as highlighted below for ECP, as shown below
  • Create Cost estimate screen will appear, after mentioning Costing variant
  • Press enter or select the “Create Cost estimate” button.
  • As in the below screen, opt WBSE & Press “Planning form” Button
  • Below screen will appear, here choose costing model
  • After choosing the costing model, press show/hide item views, below screen will appear
  • As in the below screen, I have entered the quantity for 3 materials (characteristic as defined and linked to the quantity field of the materials)
  • Estimate will be calculated accordingly, as below
  • Press the back button & save the estimate.
  • Again follow the same steps, enter the estimate through CJ20N, after selecting WBSE, you will a new button of “Show Execution Services”
  • In this case we will use it to generate PR
  • As below, I have opted Purchase Req. in Execution services
  • Select the materials and press the “Post” button, PR will be generated as below.
  • Reports as below to SHOW Planned cost & Commitment Cost

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