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Configuration of Quantity Classification in SAP EWM


The business is receiving the products in the warehouse and while you putaway you want to pack the material into pallets and cartons and send it to different storage types.

So how can we achieve the above requirement?

We can achieve the above requirement through packaging specification and quantity classification as shown below

1. Define Storage type for pallets& cartoons

2. Define Storage section and Storage bin type

3. Define Putaway Strategies

4. Define Packaging Specification

5. Define Warehouse process type & Control Indicator

6. Define Warehouse order creation rule for putaway

7. Testing

Created a Carton storage type:

Pallet Storage type

Define storage type for pick hu

Created a storage bin for Pick hu Storage type in /N/SCWM/LS01

Assign storage bin in /N/SCWM/SEBA

Created a storage section for both Carton & pallet storage type

Created a bin type

Created a bin structure for both carton & pallet storage type

Created Activity Areas for both Pallet & Carton

Putaway Strategies

Define Storage Type Search Sequence for Putaway

Assign Storage type to storage search sequence

Define Putaway control indicator

Specify Storage Type Search Sequence for Putaway

optimize Storage Type Search Sequence for Putaway

Maintain Storage Section Search Sequence

Define Unit of Measure Attributes

Define packspec for product with Condition type:OWHT

Define Warehouse process type

Determine Warehouse Process Type

Assign warehouse process type control indicator & putaway control indicator for product master

Define Warehouse order creatin rule

Define Packing Profile for Warehouse Order Creation

Define warehouse order creationrule

Define WOCR for Activity Areas

Define packspec for pick hu



Testing :

Created a Material:50066851

Created a PurchaseOrder with Material 1100EA

Do the inbound Delivery -VL31N



Create a warehouse task –

As per packspec the quantiy is changed into pallets and cartons

Confirm the warehouse task

As per the wocr I have applied for my inbound delivery its going on

First warehouse order

Second warehouse order

Confirm the warehouse orders

Go to monitor check the stock