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Collision of Stock Types in Vendor Return Process with Inbound and Return Delivery


During vendor return process in EWM, creating return delivery from VL60, the return outbound delivery in ERP copies the data of reference Inbound delivery and hence the storage location ROD is also copied in return outbound delivery.

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This return outbound delivery having delivery type RLL once distributed to EWM, carries the characteristics of reference inbound delivery and has the stock type determined as F1 in EWM system.

This return delivery having stock type F1 fails to pick the final storage Bin stock having stock type F2 and hence this creates a collision of 2 same stock type.

Problem Elaboration.

Conducting vendor return process with VL60, SAP has not provided any fields to input the storage location or stock types.

Once return delivery is created here, it is referenced in Purchase order Confirmation tab with ERP

Inbound delivery.

Checking the both delivery has same SLOC as return delivery just copied the inbound delivery.

Now, at the time of picking, system is unable to pick the stock from final storage type having stock type F2

If you manually put the source storage bin, system triggers as error because the final bin stock has Stock Type as F2.


To overcome this collision of same stock types, use Stock determination in EWM. And assign in /SCWM/MAT1

Now, testing with the above changes.

System is now able to pick from source stock type with the required batch and quantity. Create WT, confirm and save it.

Hence, this way you can avoid the collision of same stock type of Inbound delivery and return delivery and picking can be conducted directly from F2 Stock types without any manual movement of stock or doing any posting change.

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