Fiori Adoptation Project for Extending Standard Fiori Application for onPremise using BAS

SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA

Prerequisites: Step 1: Open Template Wizard and select the application type as SAP UI5 Adoptation Project. Step 2: Select the Target Environment as ABAP as we intend to deploy the application to onPremise Step 3: Enter Project Name and Namespace details as shown below Step 4: Select the Gateway system and the standard Fiori application. […]

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Unlocking Possibilities: Extending Fiori Elements Apps with the Flexible Programming Model

SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5, OData

Introduction Welcome to the world of extending SAP Fiori elements OData V4 apps using the Flexible Programming Model. This model offers a hassle-free approach to expanding app functionalities. Whether you prefer coding in SAPUI5 or utilizing our new building blocks, you’ll find ample ways to customize your apps with ease. In this blog, I’ll provide […]

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SAP Fiori Standard App configuration in Launchpad: Manage Purchase Orders (Version 2)

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5

Link to Fiori Apps Library: Manage Purchase Orders (Version 2)‘F0842A’)/S22OP This demo is mainly for the beginners who are curious to learn SAP Fiori Launchpad Configurations. Check for the installations under implementation information tab in SAP Fiori Apps Library. As we all know, we can see for the above installed front end and backend […]

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Fiori Elements Analytical Table with CAP: Does it work with V2 and V4?

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori Elements

Introduction In this blog post, I will show you how to create an analytical table using a CAP OData service. Please note that this blog post is focused on List Report, and not Analytical List Report (ALP). Recently, I was tasked with displaying an analytical table based on an OData V4 service built with CAP. […]

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Deploy the UI5 Fiori app on SAP ABAP repository with BAS & WEBIDE, create Fiori app Tile using Launchpad Designer

SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Elements, SAP Fiori Tools, SAPUI5

In this blog we will learn How to deploy the Ui5 Fiori app on SAP ABAP repository with BAS & WEBIDE, also learn about fiori app tile creation in launchpad designer. What is SAP UI5 SAP ui5 is a framework, it consists of Libraries. Used for Creating responsive apps. Fiori Launchpad SAP Fiori launchpad is […]

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Extend SAP SuccessFactors on SAP BTP with CAP – Add Business Logic

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP BTP, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Fiori Elements, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors Platform

Create Code File The business logic of the application is implemented via custom service handlers for the various operations executed on its entities (create, read, update, delete, etc.). Those handlers are defined in a module within a JavasScript file with the same name of the service but with the .js extension. So, let’s create it! […]

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Invoking Static BOPF Action From Custom Pop up in Fiori Elements App

SAP Business Application Studio, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5

Introduction: Many times while working with Transactional List Report Apps developed using SAP Fiori Elements we might have requirements to get dynamic input from the end user, like providing a popup where user makes selection and then we need to take actions accordingly. In order to develop transactional App SAP provided us 2 programming model […]

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Hiding a Tab dynamically in Fiori Object page using Virtual Elements/UI Annotations in RAP (Restful ABAP Programming) Model

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori Elements

Introduction: Since all the new SAP Developments are moving towards RAP(Restful ABAP Programming) based model there could be multiple requirements to hide some of the Facets in the Fiori List Report based object page based using complex dynamic conditions. Solution: As there could be complex conditions for multiple tabs which will be displayed in the […]

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Build SAP Overview Page using SAP HANA Cloud & SAP CAP service annotations in Visual (VS) Code

SAP Fiori Elements

This blog will help you to create SAP Overview Page (SAP Fiori Elements) using SAP CAP service in Visual Studio Code. Pre-requisites Project development Step 1: Make sure you have installed CAP generators in VS Code. If not install them. Step 2: Open Template Wizard by pressing Ctrl+Shft+P and start typing and select Step 3: […]

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Analytical List Page in SAP Business Application Studio using SAP’s ES5 Service

SAP Fiori Elements, SAP Fiori, SAPUI5

Please check here my post on building SAP Fiori Elements Analytical List Page(ALP) in SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) and as a service I have used SAP’s ES5 demo gateway system service. ALP consists of: Service used: Create a project using ALP template in BAS. Project Structure: Right click on the project and open […]

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