Propagate Hashmap values from primary iflow to secondary iflow using Soap adapter in SAP Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration, SAP Integration Suite, SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Introduction: In various requirements in SAP Cloud Integration( SAP CPI) we need to use HashMap (key-value pair) to assign values at message mapping runtime using groovy scripts. Here, We use groovy scripts to initialize, load and get values from hashmaps. Now, In a scenario where we have created a hashmap object in the main Iflow(Primary […]

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Part 2: SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services (CPI-DS)

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP HANA

This is the second blog post on CPI-DS after the Introduction post. Refer to the Part 1 for configuring Data Services Agent, creation of Datastore and importing Metadata objects. Tasks, Processes, and Projects: Follow the integration development workflow to set up and test moving data to the cloud. Task: A task is a collection of […]

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Part 1: SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services (CPI-DS)

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, SAP Data Services

Introduction: SAP Cloud Platform Integration for data services allows you to efficiently and securely use ETL (extract, transform, load) tasks to move data between on premise systems and the cloud. SAP Cloud Platform Integration interacts with your local SAP landscape via the SAP Data Services Agent and secure HTTPS and RFC connections. SAP ERP Systems […]

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Amazon Web Services Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Introduction As indicated in our previous blog post, the Amazon Web Service Adapter was added to the family of adapters of SAP Cloud Integration in January 2021. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s cloud web hosting platform that offers flexible, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. AWS provides a variety of basic abstract technical infrastructure and […]

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration- Connecting Microsoft SQL Sever

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, SAP Cloud Platform Integration tools, SAP Process Orchestration

Introduction: JDBC connectivity to On Prem Database Systems-it was long awaited feature in SAP Cloud Platform Integration space. Latest release finally have option to work on it. Lets see how to work on the same. Scenario: Lets consider 3 most used concepts from integration perspective. Setup your SAP Cloud Connector: Follow below tutorial to install […]

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Simulate Integration flow with various types of body files

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, SAP Cloud Platform

Introduction SAP Cloud Platform Integration October 2020 release (3.30.x/6.6.x) provides an extended feature to support simulation of an integration flow with the various types of body files. You can simulate Zip and Tar splitters which require an incoming payload in Zip and Tar format. This blog’s primary focus is to explain how you can simulate […]

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